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Daily Archives: October 23, 2014

GOP Attack Ad Features Murdered Little Boy, Family Demands It ‘Crosses the Line’

A Minnesota woman saw a grisly reminder of the tragic murder of her 4-year-old grandson every time she turned on the television. A GOP attack ad, running regularly on the air, featured the dead little boy as an example of Democratic … Read More

Erik Rush Says Obama is a Playing Psychological Games, Just Like a Nazi Guard

The far-right just can’t help but compare America under Obama to Nazi Germany, especially when they are trying to claim their rights have been denied. Just this September, for example, ardent anti-gay activist Peter LaBarbara told his fellow anti-gay crowd,“They’re … Read More

Michael Savage: If GOP Wins Senate, Congress Should Arrest Obama For ‘Treason’ and Send Him Back to ‘Indonesia or Kenya’

Michael Savage, truly one of the country’s most vile people, called on Republicans to arrest and try President Obama for treason if they are able to win back the Senate in November. On Tuesday, Savage asserted that President Obama’s impending … Read More

A Hispanic Man Walks into Polling Place, Conservatives Can’t Wait to Shout Voter Fraud

A man seen in a surveillance video at an Arizona polling place was doing absolutely nothing wrong. That is not how conservatives tell the story however. In fact when Glenn Beck’s The Blaze caught wind of the video, they quickly … Read More

Rep. Steve King: Illegal Immigrants ‘Bringing in Ebola and Beheadings,’ Turning US Into ‘Third-World Country’

Donald Trump flew to Iowa to campaign for Congressman Steve King and the two held a press conference that was about as hilariously psychotic as you can imagine. Trump described King as a “smart person with really the right views … Read More

Right-Wing Author Wants Southern States to Secede and Form a New Nation Called ‘Reagan’

A right-wing author has a plan to rid conservatives from all those minorities, gay people and liberals’ influence. He thinks a handful of southern states should secede from the United States and form their new nation, which they will call … Read More