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Daily Archives: October 28, 2014

Sarah Palin Says Obama is Using Ebola Crisis to Exert More Control Over America

Today, Sarah Palin spoke to Greta van Sustern about the Ebola crisis in America. Not surprisingly, she said it was all Obama’s fault. According to her own recap on Facebook, Palin used her time on the air to make it … Read More

Columnist: ‘Dumb and Ignorant’ Blacks Worse Off Now Than Under Jim Crow, Slavery

WorldNetDaily columnist Mychal Massie, who is essentially a real life version of Samuel L. Jackson’s character in Django, has written a new piece claiming that black people are too “dumb and ignorant to understand” they were better off before the … Read More

Toronto Crack Mayor Rob Ford Somehow Manages To Win An Election

Outgoing Toronto Mayor Rob Ford dropped out of the mayoral election because of health problems but still managed to somehow win a city council election and will remain a city lawmaker. Earlier this year, Ford, who had a legitimate though … Read More

Pat Robertson Admits Climate Change is Bad for Humans, At Least in Biblical Times

Pat Robertson has long denied climate change is real. Now, he seems to be changing his tune, at least a bit. While he still doesn’t think man-made global warming is anything more than liberal nonsense, he said God has changed … Read More

A Wisconsin Sheriff Thinks Using an Armored Car to Collect Fines from the Elderly is Necessary

A 75-year-old man is suing Marathon County in Wisconsin after they sent an armored car and 24 men to collect a civil fine. Roger Hoeffner owed the county a lot of money and had been in a big scuffle with … Read More

How the NRA Nixed a Bill to Make it Illegal to Eat Dogs in Pennsylvania

While many crazy Americans pamper dogs and lavish on them human love and affection, in some parts of the world dogs are a source of meat. Yet, even here in the States, a minority of people consider dogs fine dining, … Read More