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Daily Archives: October 30, 2014

The Co-Founder of the Weather Channel Just Came Out as a Climate Denier

John Coleman is a meteorologist and co-founder of the Weather Channel. He has also just outed himself as a climate change denier. Appearing on Megyn Kelly’s Fox show this week, he said he laughs out loud at Al Gore and … Read More

Texas GOP Candidate Says He Wants Minorities to ‘Use Their Food Stamps’ Instead of Voting

A Texas GOP candidate was caught on tape talking about his strategy to minimize minority turnout in his area. Speaking to fellow Republicans,  Ron Natinsky, a candidate for Dallas County Judge, explained why he thought it was a good idea to … Read More

Georgia Republican County Leader Allegedly Sexually Assaulted a Woman Live Over Skype

The Republican Party Chair of Union County in Georgia has been arrested after he was reportedly captured on Skype sexually assaulting a woman. The North Georgia News reports that 76-year-old Party Chairman Billy Joe Turnage is charged with sexual battery … Read More

Georgia Official Blames Lazy and Violent ‘Black Culture’ For 1-Year-Old Boy’s Death

A county investigator in Georgia will reportedly resign after he posted a “racist” Facebook rant blaming a 1-year-old boy’s death on “black culture.” This weekend, 1-year-old Rodrickus Robinson was shot and killed after he was caught in the crossfire of … Read More

Pat Robertson Blames ‘Liberal Death Culture’ for Terminally Ill Woman’s Decision to End Her Life

Brittany Maynard has terminal brain cancer and has announced she plans to end her life. Setting a date at Nov.1, the young pretty woman’s decision to die caused controversy, especially among those who think she is dying too soon. Maynard, … Read More