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Daily Archives: November 4, 2014

Thanks Georgia! Far-Right GOPer Jody Hice is Headed to Congress

With election results coming in, it looks like far-right GOPer Jody Hice is headed to Congress. As of 8:45 EST on Election Day, Pastor Hice had a commanding lead at the polls, garnering well over 60 percent of the vote. … Read More

Not This Guy! Voter Gives Mitch McConnell Thumbs Down in Epic Photobomb

In Kentucky, it is safe to say that Mitch McConnell’s Democratic challenger Alison Lundergan Grimes had at least one vote. A man in a red shirt gave a thumbs down and a sour look in an epic McConnell photobomb direct from … Read More

Virginia Whites Outraged Over Confederate Flag Removal, Yell ‘Go Back To Africa’

A request to move a Confederate Flag from outside of a Virginia museum to an indoor display led to an ugly showdown between residents in Danville. The director of the Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History has officially requested … Read More

Ben Stein: Obama’s The ‘Most Racist President There Has Ever Been’

Ben Stein appeared on Sunday’s edition of Fox News’ America News HQ to claim that President Obama is the most racist President the country has ever seen. That’s pretty impressive, given that Stein worked for Nixon, the first hundred years … Read More

Sarah Palin Accuses Mitt Romney of Being the One in ‘Never-Never Land’

After a brief media hiatus during the infamous brawl scandal, Palin is back in the news in full force, doing some last minute stumping for pet candidates and making sure people vote against Obama’s issues  and straight ticket conservative in today’s … Read More