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Daily Archives: November 5, 2014

Thanks Colorado! Gay Bashing Candidate Who Called Obama ‘Demon’ is Now a State Legislator

Gordon Klingenschmitt’s far-right and often anti-gay rants have graced Issuehawk before. In September, the then GOP-candidate claimed that Christianity is “literally” being banned in America because of legislation that allows same-sex marriage. “Christians are fined $13,000 and may no longer celebrate … Read More

Palin for President? ‘Leader-Like’ Palin Gloats GOP Win is Anti-Obama Victory, Talks Strategy for 2016

America woke up to a new political reality this morning. Thanks to voters in key small states, Congress is now in the hands of the GOP. Among the new lawmakers, extremist Iowa candidate Joni Ernst cruised to a win for … Read More

Pat Robertson Calls Children With Down Syndrome ‘Mongoloids’

On Tuesday’s edition of The 700 Club, Pat Robertson referred to children with Down syndrome as “mongoloid” children. “So you see these little children that we call mongoloid, you know, Down syndrome, sweet little children but the back part [of … Read More

Alex Jones: Obama ‘Put Out a Green Light’ For ‘Groups of Black Youths’ to ‘Kill Whitey’

Alex Jones took to his show to agree with Ben Stein’s statement that President Obama is “the most racist president” we’ve ever had and claimed that he has given the “green light” to black men to attack white people. On … Read More

Neo-Confederates Want to Declare Christianity Mississippi’s State Religion

A group of Neo-Confederates, led by former beauty queen Susan Akin, wants to throw separation of church and state completely out the window. The Magnolia State Heritage Campaign is trying to get enough signatures to put an initiative on the … Read More