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Daily Archives: November 12, 2014

Right-Wing’s Phony Ex-Terrorist Claims U.S. Will Fall into Muslim Hands By 2020

Kamal Saleem has a pretty scary pedigree, at least if you ask him. He claims to have worked for the PLO, Muammar Qaddafi, Saddam Hussein and is Islamic royalty as the ‘Grand Wazir of Islam’ (a position he just made … Read More

Radio Host: Obama is ‘A Homosexual Muslim Married to a Man’

Radio host Stan Solomon talked to Gun Owners of America executive director Larry Pratt and the two claimed that liberals are uniting with Muslim radicals to destroy America. Pratt claimed the “Democrat party” believes “everything is to be reduced to … Read More

Domino’s Founder Turning Florida Town Into Unconstitutional Contraception-Free ‘Catholic Enclave’

Domino’s Pizza founder and former Detroit Tigers owner Tom Monaghan has reportedly created a town in Florida that secular groups say has instituted an “undemocratic form of government dominated by one man’s interpretation of religious doctrine.” In 1998, Monaghan sold … Read More

Jonathan Gruber Calls American Voters “Too Stupid” To Understand Obamacare

Oops, sorry, and double oops. Shortly following an apology for comments from a recently released clip in which he attributed the passing of the Affordable Care Act to “the stupidity of the American voter,” Jonathan Gruber, MIT professor and key architect … Read More

Ben Stein Blames ‘Self-Defeating Blacks’ and Obama for Creating Black ‘Underclass’

The way Ben Stein tells it, the racial divide in America is not a complicated economic and social problem at all. It is also certainly not the fault of the 1 percent or white folks either. According to Stein, the … Read More

Cop Viciously Smashes Woman’s Face Into a Table Over Reports of ‘Yelling’ As Her 8-Year-Old Watches

A Winnipeg woman has filed a complaint after an officer brutally beat her in her own home while her 8-year-old son watched. Lana Sinclair tells CBC that police officers arrived on Halloween after reports of “yelling.” She says one of … Read More