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Daily Archives: November 14, 2014

This Man Was Just Indicted for 29 Miners’ Deaths, He is Also a Huge GOP Donor

In West Virginia, the coal industry runs deep and coal money talks loud. Now, in no real shock to anyone,  it turns out that the man responsible for one of the state’s worst coal mining disasters was also padding the … Read More

Kirk Cameron to Moms: Save Christmas by Getting Back in the Kitchen

Actor Kirk Cameron, who is currently pushing his new movie ‘Saving Christmas,’ has posted a video calling on moms to get back in the kitchen to save Christmas. “If you are a mom, if you are a wife, if you’re … Read More

New England Patriots Run Twitter Promo Featuring Jersey Saying ‘I Hate N*ggers’

Just because someone participates in your Twitter promotion, doesn’t mean you should retweet it. The New England Patriots celebrated becoming the first NFL team to get one million followers on Twitter by posting images of users’ Twitter handles on the … Read More

Glenn Beck is Warning Revolutionaries Will Soon Murder People in the Streets

Glenn Beck has said some extreme stuff before, especially about net neutrality. Earlier this week he compared net neutrality to the liberals and global warming:  Let me tell you about net neutrality. Net neutrality is a — is the global … Read More

Alex Jones Net Neutrality Meltdown: ‘This Is What The Nazis Did!’

Alex Jones apparently doesn’t like the idea of the government keeping the internet democratic and claimed that Obama’s push for net neutrality is “what the Nazis did.” Jones claimed the White House will somehow use the net neutrality push to … Read More