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Daily Archives: November 19, 2014

‘We Ain’t Taking No N*ggers Here’: Fire Chief Refuses to Help Black Family in Car Accident

A Kentucky fire chief is under fire after he made horrifically racist comments and refused to help a family stranded on a road because they were black. A Bullitt County Sheriff’s deputy’s body camera recorded the ordeal, showing Southeast Bullitt … Read More

19 Kids and Cancelled? Viewers Strike Back at Duggars for Their Anti-Gay Stance

A group of viewers have made it clear. They want the Duggars off the air. A petition, launched by Jim Wissick of San Jose, California said that the popular show ’19 Kids and Counting’ should not be allowed on TLC because … Read More

Gun Lobbyist Larry Pratt: ‘The 2nd Amendment Gives Me a Right to Threaten the Prez’

Gun lobbyist Larry Pratt is known for his controversial remarks and anti-Obama rhetoric. Most famously, he announced that politicians should have a “healthy fear” of getting shot because, “hopefully they’ll behave.” He also seems obsessed with the idea that Obama … Read More

Fox Host: Liberals Turned on Bill Cosby Because He ‘Ridiculed Ghetto Talk and Thuggery’

Actor and comedian Bill Cosby has been facing ridicule since allegations of of rape surfaced recently. According to one Fox News anchor, though, the real reason liberals are turning their back on Cosby is not because of his alleged misconduct, … Read More

Jimmy Swaggart’s Son Tells Flock Gay People Want to Behead Christians

Jimmy Swaggart is best remembered as the crybaby televangelist whose ministry was rocked with a number of sexual scandals in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Today, the Swaggart clan maintain a much more low-key ministry than they did back in Jimmy’s … Read More

‘That’s Not Right’: Another Child Denied Lunch at School

Some things should just not happen at a public school. Denying a child a meal because his parents have not paid off a lunch balance is one of them, especially when it turns out to be a clerical error. Yet … Read More