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Daily Archives: November 20, 2014

Rand Paul: No One In Congress Has Done More For Minority Rights Than Me

In an interview with Salon.com, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul claimed that no one in Congress has done more for the rights of minorities in the US than him. “I don’t think there has been anybody who has been a bigger … Read More

Glenn Beck: The AP ‘Raped Bill Cosby’ By Asking Him About Rape Allegations

On Wednesday, the Associated Press released an interview with Bill Cosby in which the comedian refused to discuss the many sexual assault allegations brought against him in the last two weeks and asked the reporter to cut any footage of … Read More

Incoming Nevada House Leader Doesn’t Like ‘Simple-Minded Darkies,’ Women or Gays

The State of Nevada certainly knows how to pick them. Ira Hansen, the Republican who will soon be leading the House, is a real character who has a list of dislikes, including minorities, homosexuals, women and even some Republicans. The … Read More

Palin-Robertson 2016? Sarah Palin Meets With Duck Dynasty Clan

In fairness, Sarah Palin seemed to be more interested in promoting a book than talking politics. Still, when some of the country’s most off-the-cuff and extreme political personalities get together, it raises a few eyebrows and causes some of her … Read More

Houston Restaurant Apologizes to Customers Who Complained ‘F*ggot’ Waiter Was ‘Too Gay’

A Houston waiter says he is humiliated after his restaurant’s manager apologized to customers who called him a “faggot.” After a meal at Kelley’s Country Cookin’ on Wednesday, a customer used the receipt to write, “Don’t want to listen to … Read More