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Daily Archives: November 22, 2014

Kirk Cameron is Mobilizing Evangelicals to Give His Bad Movie a Good Review, Why You Should Care

Kirk Cameron’s ‘Saving Christmas’ is a self-absorbed (Cameron even names his own character ‘Kirk’) pseudo-historical romp through the history of Christmas aimed at evangelical audiences. It also makes no bones about the fact it is actually a sermon on the … Read More

Texas School Board Approves Textbooks That Have Moses As Honorary Founding Father, Old Testament as Roots of US Democracy

After a long battle over the Texas State Board of Education’s treatment of topics like the Civil War, climate change, Islam, and Christianity in its social studies classroom, the board has approved several dozen new textbooks for use in the … Read More

Turnabout is Fair Play: Fox & Friends Angry Obama Can Quote Scripture Too

Some conservatives spend their entire days bending scripture to make their point or banking their entire anti-gay stance on a few verses. When Obama did it in Thursday’s immigration speech, though, Fox News went nuts. “Scripture tells us that we … Read More

NYPD Cop Fatally Shot ‘Totally Innocent’ Unarmed Black Man, Chief Calls It ‘Unfortunate Accident’

A rookie New York police officer fatally shot an unarmed black man in a Brooklyn housing project on Thursday, an incident the chief of police called an “unfortunate accident.” On Thursday, Peter Liang and his fellow rookie partner Shaun Landau … Read More