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Daily Archives: September 8, 2015

LeBron James Expands Educational Program to Help Akron, Ohio, Adults Obtain GED Diplomas

NBA all-star LeBron James has expanded his educational program that helps adults obtain their GED diplomas. James recognized how challenging it is for an uneducated adult to find a respectable job in the United States and how easy it is for them … Read More

Obama Hits GOP In Appeal To Union Workers On Labor Day

President Barack Obama delivered a speech to union workers on Labor Day, highlighting the importance of unions and worker’s rights. In the speech, Obama slammed the Republican presidential candidates for suggesting that they support the middle class, when in reality, … Read More

Mississippi Firefighter Praised After Comforting Injured Child After Car Crash

Casey Lessard, a firefighter from Mississippi, is receiving praise after he comforted a young child following a car crash on Interstate 110 on Saturday. The accident saw five people, including the child, fly out of an SUV that proceeded to … Read More

Gang Member On Why He Fled From Cop: ‘I Don’t Like White People Touching Me, White People Do Weird Stuff’

A 19-year-old black male from Florida who was recently caught with drugs has highlighted the racial divide in the United States. According to reports, he told the officer who stopped him that he didn’t like white people touching him because … Read More

Creationist Ken Ham: Science Has ‘Contaminated’ Kids into Believing in Evolution and LGBT Rights

Ken Ham, a creationist and founder of Answers in Genesis, took to his blog and suggested that modern science has corrupted America’s youth and pushed them towards a lifestyle of sex and homosexuality. Creationism is always looking for a reason to … Read More

Kim Davis Released From Jail Even Though Lawyers Vow She’ll Halt Marriage Licenses

A judge ordered Kentucky clerk Kim Davis be released from jail Tuesday under the condition that she not interfere with marriage licenses – which her attorneys vowed would be exactly what she intends to do. On Tuesday, U.S. District Court … Read More