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Daily Archives: September 14, 2015

Bernie Sanders drops truth bomb on Liberty University crowd: GOP cares about fetuses but not children

Bernie Sanders has taken a stand against Republicans and their choice to defend unborn fetuses rather than living children. On Monday, Sanders spoke at private Christian college Liberty University. Raw Story reports: He was responding to a question from a … Read More

Mark Cuban: I Could Beat Trump and Clinton

Billionaire Mark Cuban is known as a loud mouth, something he shares in common with Donald Trump besides his money. In a recent email exchange with CNBC, Cuban made it clear that he could beat Hillary Clinton and Trump if … Read More

Miss Alabama on Donald Trump: Republicans Should Be ‘Absolutely Terrified’

Donald Trump may have strong ties to the Miss Universe pageants, but that doesn’t mean that current or potential contestants have to like him. Miss Alabama Meg McGuffin, fourth place in Miss America 2016, called Trump an “entertainer” and suggested … Read More

Scott Walker Blames Obama For Attacks On Police Officers

Scott Walker has a new target to blame for the recent attacks on police officers. The Republican presidential candidate and Governor of Wisconsin believes that President Barack Obama is responsible for the attacks. “I think his absence of leadership, of … Read More

Polls Show Bernie Sanders Leading Hillary Clinton In Iowa And New Hampshire

The Bernie Sanders hype train has arrived and the wise senator appears here to stay and ready to lead. In two recent polls, Sanders topped Hillary Clinton in Iowa and New Hampshire. In New Hampshire, he beat Clinton 52 to … Read More

In Midst Of Syrian Refugee Crisis, Secretary Of State John Kerry Proposes Increasing The Number Of Refugees Allowed In The U.S.

As Syria is ravaged by war, politicians in the United States debate how the country will respond to the crisis. Republicans want to bar all refugees from entering the country, suggesting that they are all terrorists and leeches on the … Read More

Carson Responds to Trump: ‘I Have Plenty of Energy’

As the Republican race heats up, Donald Trump has begun to attack the other candidates, looking for weaknesses and solidifying his presence as the party bully. Over the last week, Trump began to take jabs at Ben Carson, suggesting that … Read More

Carson Links Boston Marathon Bombers, Refugee Crisis

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson is leery about allowing Syrian refugees into the country, citing that the Boston Marathon bombers were able to enter the U.S. under refugee status. His willful ignorance is disappointing and he made it clear that … Read More

Biker Saves Burned, Injured Cat At Truck Stop (Photos)

A biker from California showed his soft side over the weekend. While pulling into a truck stop, he noticed a kitten that was badly burnt and in need of help. Pat Doody didn’t waste any time, he scooped up the … Read More

13-Year-Old Boy Charged With Assault For Kissing 14-Year-Old Girl

A 13-year-old boy from Pikesville Middle School in Maryland was charged with second-degree assault on Wednesday after he kissed a 14-year-old girl on a dare. The school pushed forward with the charges after the boy allegedly kissed the girl. Police … Read More