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Daily Archives: September 16, 2015

Donald Trump Compares Bible to an ‘Incredible Movie’ and Cites Bogus Verse as His Favorite

In the latest round of election shuffle, Donald Trump is pandering to the religious right and trying to cement their votes. Speaking to the Christian Broadcasting Network, he made it clear that he is a man who cherishes the Bible … Read More

Christie to Colorado: Pot Party Ends With Me

Chris Christie crushed the hopes of marijuana enthusiasts earlier this week. He made it clear that he will enforce federal marijuana laws by 2017 if he were to become president. Luckily for most Americans, Christie won’t become president. Still, his viewpoints … Read More

Sanders: Make Election Day a Holiday

Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has proposed a brilliant idea, make Election Day a national holiday. Sander’s believes in every individuals right to vote and wants to see Election Day turned into a holiday in order to ensure that everyone … Read More

Huckabee: Refugees Fleeing Horrific Violence Really ‘Just Want Our Cable Television’

Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has provided us with another lesson in ignorance. In a recent conversation at a conference in St. Louis, Huckabee suggested that refugees were fleeing war-torn countries to come to the United States for its exceptional … Read More

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters: ‘Ignorant’ Trump Is Proof American Democracy Is Dead

Another celebrity is joining the anti-Donald Trump team. co-founder of Pink Floyd, Roger Waters, has slammed Trump for his blatant American exceptionalism and for bringing out the least desirable attributes in politics. Waters recently conducted an interview with the Rolling Stone. … Read More

Pope Francis and the Vatican Enthusiastically Endorse Obama’s Iran Peace Deal

Pope Francis and the Vatican have officially backed President Barack Obama’s recent nuclear deal with Iran. A large majority of the world, nuclear scientists, U.S. Army generals, and others support the deal and see it as a major step forward … Read More

‘Clean My Hotel Room, B*tch’: More Trump Fans Caught Making Racist Remarks at Latinos

Racism is alive and well and Donald Trump is taking every opportunity to tap into it and cement votes from racist bigots and extreme right-wing Republicans. During a recent rally by Trump in Dallas, Texas, his supporters decided to verbally … Read More

Anti-LGBT Lawyer Urges Christians to ‘Flee’ US Because Ben Carson Says the Election Will Be Canceled

Ben Carson made claims in the past that the 2016 election would be canceled by President Barack Obama so that he could tighten maintain his power. Sounds crazy right? It is a pretty ludicrous claim, but for a select sect … Read More

Sanders: Trump Appealing to Americans’ ‘Bad Instincts’

Donald Trump’s campaign has been full of racist tones, especially in discussions about immigration. Bernie Sanders is worried about Trump and his appeal to the “bad instincts” of the average American. “I have really, very strong concerns with Trump and … Read More

Twitter Users Threaten to Move to Mexico If Trump Is Elected

Donald Trump is an interesting character. As the second Republican debate approaches, Luminoso analyzed the number of Americans who claimed they would move to Mexico if Trump became president. There were 75,000 tweets claiming they would move to Mexico and … Read More