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Daily Archives: September 20, 2015

Trump to CNN: ‘I love the Muslims’

Donald Trump has been forced to backpedal after he refused to shutdown a racist question geared towards Muslims by one his supporters at a recent rally. Appearing on CNN on Saturday, Trump clarified that he loved Muslims. “I love the … Read More

Trump & GOP Panic as Obama Launches Plan to Make 8 Million Immigrants Eligible to Vote

President Barack Obama revealed a new pro-voting program on Thursday. The new program will help 8.8 million legal immigrants in the country to become American citizens. This is bad news for the GOP and especially Donald Trump, who has been … Read More

‘That’s a Clock and I’m the Queen of England’: Ranting Sarah Palin Thinks Ahmed Mohamed Was up to No Good

In an effort to stay relevant, Sarah Palin has offered her opinion on the recent Ahmed Mohamed clock-bomb controversy. According to Palin, that was clearly a bomb and Mohamed was “up to no good.” In typical Palin style, she went … Read More

Carson: A Muslim Shouldn’t Be President

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson demonstrated his true colors on a Sunday appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press. During the interview, he suggested that a Muslim shouldn’t be president. “I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation,” … Read More

Fiorina: Leadership Isn’t About ‘Your Ego’

Carly Fiorina took a shot at Donald Trump on Saturday. She criticized him for leading with his ego. “You see, leadership isn’t defined by position or title, or how big your office is, your airplane, your helicopter, your ego,” Fiorina said … Read More

Bill Maher Defends Arrest of Ahmed Mohamed

Progressive talk show host Bill Maher came to the defense of the teacher who reported Ahmed Mohamed to the police for bringing an alleged bomb to school. Maher defended the teacher, claiming that the clock did look like a bomb … Read More