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Daily Archives: September 25, 2015

Peter King: Boehner Exit Means ‘the Crazies Have Taken Over the Party’

New York Republican took a shot at his own party on Friday after hearing news of House Speaker John Boehner’s resignation. “I think it signals the crazies have taken over the party, taken over to the party that you can remove … Read More

Trump Aims to Paint Himself as the Choice of Evangelicals

Donald Trump wants to become the face of the Christian right. On Friday, he waved his childhood Bible to a crowd, professing his faith, and somehow using it as proof that he was a devout Christian. “I had to bring … Read More

Trump on Boehner Resignation: ‘It’s a Good Thing’

Donald Trump offered his opinion on House Speaker John Boehner’s resignation on Friday. “I think it’s time, it’s a good thing,” Trump said. “Someone else will come in and maybe they’ll have a tougher attitude.” According to Trump, Boehner didn’t … Read More

Sanders: Boehner Was ‘Unable to Control’ GOP

Sen. Bernie Sanders discussed House Speaker John Boehner’s resignation on Friday. Sanders suggested that Boehner was “unable to control” the GOP. “It appears that even a very conservative speaker like John Boehner is unable to control the extreme right-wing drift … Read More

U.N. Dreams Big: 17 Huge New Goals to Build a Better World

Earlier in the week, the United Nations issued 17 policy points that they will focus on for the next 15 years. The points include trying to reduce poverty, hunger, improve health conditions, education, gender equality, and more. NPR reports: 1. … Read More

Bully Jumps Blind Teen, Gets Instant Dose of Karma (Video)

A school bully got an instant karma dish after he decided to try and beat up a blind teenager. The bully began pummeling the blind teenager when an unrelated student stepped in and one-punched the bully to the ground, causing … Read More

Ted Cruz Vows to Introduce Ayatollah to ’72 Virgins’ If He’s Elected President

Ted Cruz has a solution to the Iran situation, kill the Iranian leadership. During a speech at the Value Voters summit on Friday. Channeling his inner racism and xenophobia, he made it clear that his first act as president would … Read More

Republican Maine Mayor Wants to Shame the Poor by Giving Public Access to Welfare Recipients’ Addresses

A Republican mayor from Maine is taking poor shaming to the next level. Mayor Robert MacDonald of Lewiston is looking to implement a bill that would create a public registry, with contact information, of poor people for the public to … Read More

Rubio: Trump Is ‘Touchy and Insecure’

Sen. Marco Rubio decided to join in on the Donald Trump criticism. On Thursday afternoon, he called Trump a “touch and insecure” man. “He’s not that well-informed on the issues,” he told host Matt Jones on Kentucky Sports Radio Thursday afternoon. “He … Read More

Trump Slips in New Poll, Fiorina, Carson and Bush Make Gains

Donald Trump is struggling in the polls. The loudmouthed billionaire is starting to run out of steam as other Republican candidates with a grasp on politics are making strong gains on him. The latest Quinnipiac University poll had Trump in … Read More