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Daily Archives: September 29, 2015

Sanders: I Won’t Be as Naïve as Obama Was With Congress 

Bernie Sanders believes that he would be better able to handle Congress than President Barack Obama. He called the president naive and suggested that he was too strongly against compromise. “Obama made a mistake by expecting that he could easily … Read More

Spacey: Underwood ‘Would Kill’ Trump

Kevin Spacey knows what it takes to be president. After all, he plays Frank Underwood in House of Cards and has experienced the Washington lifestyle firsthand. While speaking at a gala benefiting the Kevin Spacey Foundation and the Cal Ripken Sr. … Read More

Trump Predicts Paul Will Soon Exit Race

Donald Trump is back to picking on Rand Paul again. On Tuesday, he predicted that the lowly ranked GOP senator will soon bow out of the presidential race. “Prediction: Rand Paul has been driven out of the race by my statements … Read More

Yale Prof Opens Can of Whoop-Ass on Fiorina: She Has an ‘Almost Psychopathic Denial of Reality’

Yale professor Jeffrey A. Sonnenfeld offered his opinion on Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina on Monday. He questioned her medical fitness to run the country based on her commitment to telling lies even when confronted with overwhelming proof against her … Read More

John Oliver Busts Fox News Using 5-Year-Old Clip of Chanting Muslims to Create Fear of ‘Terrorist’ Refugees

Last Week Tonight host John Oliver dismantled Fox News for their overt racism on Monday night. With the current refugee situation, conservative media outlets are drumming up hateful rhetoric, featuring headlines like “Terrorists Inbound?” and showing old clips of Muslims chanting … Read More

Trump: Let Russia Fight ISIS

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has offered an insightful solution to beating ISIS, let Russia do all the dirty work. Trump has often been criticized for his simplistic approach towards foreign policy, something that he demonstrated with his recent comments. … Read More

Trump to Appear on Fox Amid Moratorium

Donald Trump and Fox News are in the process of making up, again. Despite Trump’s decision to boycott their station, he will be making an appearance on it on Tuesday night. Trump will be featured on The O’Reilly Factor hosted by … Read More

Rush Limbaugh Pans Evidence of Water on Mars as Part of ‘Leftist Agenda’

Rush Limbaugh has sunken to a new low. As NASA announced the discovery of flowing water on Mars, Limbaugh criticized NASA for pushing its leftist agenda with its announcement. “OK so there’s flowing water on Mars. Yip yip yip yahoo. … Read More

Clinton Hits Bush Over ‘Free Stuff’ Remark

Hillary Clinton couldn’t resist taking a shot at Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush’s comments about Democrats handing out free stuff on Monday. “That kind of rhetoric is deeply insulting,” Clinton responded during a Facebook Q-and-A. “I think people are seeing this for … Read More

Tom Brady: I Wasn’t Endorsing Donald Trump

Tom Brady was quick to clarify comments he made earlier in September about his desire to see Trump win an election. “I think that it’s just a different world than when I started in professional football. Even an offhanded comment … Read More