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Daily Archives: October 1, 2015

Favorite Duggar pastor John Piper: Sex is only for Christians and everyone else is a prostitute

A Minnesota pastor, a favorite of the Duggar family, argued earlier this week that only Christians were meant to have sex. In a column titled Sex Belongs to Christians, Pastor John Piper suggested that Hollywood had turned “holy pleasure into a cheap … Read More

Donald Trump: Syrian Refugees Might Be a Terrorist Army in Disguise

According to Donald Trump, Syrian refugees are more than likely terrorists in disguise, looking to infiltrate the west and destroy it from within. “They could be ISIS — I don’t know,” Trump told a crowd of more than 3,500 at … Read More

Russian Airstrikes in Syria ‘OK’ With Trump

Donald Trump spoke with CNN on Wednesday. He suggested that it was “OK” with him for Russia to bomb Syria. “They don’t respect our president. They really don’t respect us anymore. And that’s why they’re doing this,” Trump told CNN’s … Read More

Trump: Clinton Email Controversy ‘Terrible for Our Country’

Donald Trump offered his opinion on Hillary Clinton’s email scandal on Thursday. “It’s hard to believe she’s even talking about running for president,” he said on Fox News’s “Fox & Friends.” “You wouldn’t believe it is possible after what she’s … Read More

Fiorina: ‘We Must Be Prepared’ to Use Force on Russia

Carly Fiorina suggested that the United States must be willing to use force with Russia on Wednesday. “I believe we must tell the Russians that we will conduct [and] we will secure a no-fly zone around anti-Assad rebel forces that … Read More

George W. Bush: My Golf Game Is ‘Mediocre’

Former President George W. Bush isn’t concerned about politics these days. Instead, he works hard to improve his “mediocre” golf game. Bush was asked how he would describe his golf game on Wednesday. “I’d say mediocre,” he said on the … Read More

Benjamin Netanyahu Just Called out the International Community With 45 Seconds of Awkward Silence

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a speech at the United Nations on Thursday. During his speech, he slammed the recent Iran deal, claiming that it guaranteed the destruction of Israel. He noted that western countries couldn’t relate to Israel … Read More

Powell: I Stay Republican ‘Because It Annoys Them’

Remember Colin Powell? The Republican Secretary of State who played a major role in the Iraq War? With an upcoming election, he has made various appearances in the media to comment on the current political climate. Speaking at an event … Read More

Carson: Hitler Could Happen in US

Ben Carson said something crazy again. During a campaign stop in New Hampshire on Wednesday, he suggested that a government like the Nazi Party, could easily reign over the United States. “I beg to differ,” he said after proposing that … Read More

Bernie Sanders Raises $26 Million In 3rd Quarter, Nearly As Much As Clinton

Bernie Sanders is closing in on Hillary Clinton. The veteran Senator from Vermont is pushing hard to overtake Clinton, and in the 3rd quarter, he raised nearly as much as her. In the third quarter alone, Sanders raised $26 million, … Read More