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Daily Archives: October 8, 2015

Ben Carson Stumbles on Debt Limit Question

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson has had a rough week after making several insensitive comments. In a more serious discussion about the debt ceiling, the retired neurosurgeon struggled to provide a suitable response. “Let me put it this way: if … Read More

Republican: ‘Very Real’ Chance GOP Will Need Dems to Elect Speaker

Remember when the Republican Party promised change if they were handed Congress? Nothing was accomplished and now the party is fractured, battling it out to elect a new House Speaker. According to sources inside of Congress, the Republican Party may … Read More

Trump Takes Credit for McCarthy Dropping Out

Donald Trump has had a quiet day, until news broke that Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) was dropping out of the race for House Speaker. Now, Trump is trying to take credit for his decision to drop out. “They’re giving me a … Read More

Gingrich Open to Return to Speakership

What year is it? Newt Gingrich is considering becoming House Speaker again if the current crop of Republicans are interested in his services. During an interview with Sean Hannity on Thursday, Gingrich expressed his interest in the position, but only … Read More

Clinton Email Server Reportedly Target of Cyberattacks From China, South Korea, Germany

Hillary Clinton is caught deep in her email scandal, a political headache that she cannot escape. New reports are suggesting that her private server was vulnerable to cyber attacks. Clinton has been cooperative with the authorities, surrendering her email records and … Read More

Paul Puts Hillary’s ‘Great Work of Fiction’ on the Auction Block

The political rivalries are heating up as the Democrats and Republicans close in on their nominations and the 2016 election. Hillary Clinton sent all of the Republican candidates a signed copy of her new book, Hard Choices. Here's what the stack … Read More

Oregon Dem Slams Ben Carson on Gun Control

The recent mass school shooting at Umpqua Community College highlighted the need for gun control laws in the United States. Most Republicans took to the media, blasting the shooters mental health and avoiding the important issue at hand, the ease … Read More

Rupert Murdoch: Carson Could Be ‘a Real Black President’

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch praised Ben Carson on Thursday, saying that he has the potential to be a “real black president.” Murdoch’s idea of addressing racism was with racism itself through two tweets. Ben and Candy Carson terrific. What about … Read More

Carson: I Faced a Gunman

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson continues to stand by his comments regarding the recent UCC shooting. Previously, he suggested that he would have handled himself better than the victims. On a Thursday appearance on Sirius XM Radio, he doubled down … Read More

Hillary Compares NRA to Iranians, Communists

Hillary Clinton is in full campaign mode as the debate closes in. Following the recent shooting at UCC, Clinton is standing firm on the issue of gun control. In a recent appearance in Iowa on Wednesday, she compared the NRA … Read More