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Daily Archives: October 12, 2015

‘Pharma Bro’ Martin Shkreli Challenges Bernie Sanders to Debate on Healthcare

Remember that rat-faced “pharma bro” Martin Shkreli? He is challenging Sen. Bernie Sanders to a debate, claiming that Sanders was wrong in attacking him over his inflated drug prices. Shkreli took to Twitter to attack Sanders. @SenSanders It's amazing to me … Read More

Pharrell: It’s ‘Hillary time’ in 2016

Singer and producer Pharrell Williams has announced his endorsement for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. “I just feel like it is Hillary time,” the “Happy” performer said on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” “It’s time for a woman to be in … Read More

Trump: Dem Debate Going to Be a Snoozer

Donald Trump is upset that he cannot participate in the Democratic debate, so in typical Trump fashion, he labeled it as a “snoozer.” “I think people are going to turn it on for a couple of minutes and then fall … Read More

Hannity: Speaker Not ‘the Job’ for Ryan

Conservative talk show host Sean Hannity doesn’t believe that Rep. Paul Ryan should become the next House Speaker. Ryan “is probably one of the nicest men you’ll ever meet, but I don’t think that’s the job for him,” Hannity told USA … Read More

Carson: I Won’t Be Silenced

Ben Carson is firing back at the media after he was heavily scrutinized in recent weeks for making outrageous comments about gun control, religion, and the Holocaust. “I want people to see me as an honest person, a person who … Read More

Aerosmith Frontman Steven Tyler Demands Trump Stop Playing ‘Dream On’

Donald Trump has a new enemy. Rock singer Steven Tyler has asked the billionaire to stop playing Dream On at campaign stops. Acording to a story published by the Associated Press, Steven Tyler issued two cease-and-desist letters to Trump’s campaign team. The … Read More

Obama: Trump Won’t Be President

President Obama appeared on CBS News’ 60 Minutes on Sunday, where he discussed various issues and even Donald Trump. When asked about Trump’s viability as a candidate, Obama suggested that the candidate wouldn’t be elected as president. “I think that he is … Read More

Lindsey Graham Challenges Republicans: ‘Tell Me Why’ You Deny Climate Science

Lindsey Graham may be running for the Republicans, but he took the opportunity to distance himself from the typical party rhetoric of denying climate change on Monday. Graham asked the crowd if they believed in climate change. Half of the … Read More

National Union to March for Bernie Sanders Outside Tuesday’s Debate

Bernie Sanders is making major strides in the polls and continues to capture the hearts and minds of everyday Americans with his platform that focuses on worker’s rights and income equality. The Democrats first major debate will occur on Tuesday … Read More

Trump: I Will Be ‘Much Less Divisive’ as Field Narrows

Donald Trump found his way into the media spotlight on Monday with a new promise in hand. He suggested that he would tone down his divisive behavior as the field of candidates narrowed. “I’m running against a lot of people,” … Read More