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Daily Archives: October 13, 2015

Rubio: Dem Debate Will Highlight ‘Race to the Left’

Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio claimed that he won’t watch the Democratic presidential debate, citing that it will be a contest over who is the most liberal. Sadly, Rubio fails to remember that the Republican debate, besides the blatant conservative … Read More

Trump to Host SNL Next Month

It is no secret that Donald Trump loves the spotlight. Next month, the billionaire turned politician will host Saturday Night Live. The episode will air just days before the fourth Republican presidential debate. Trump currently leads the Republicans and has … Read More

Republicans Just Killed A Vital College Loan Program For Low-Income Students

A vital college loan program designed to help the poor obtain degrees has been killed by Republicans. Instead of helping intelligent young students without the financial capabilities to attend college, Republicans are more interested in funding the military, cutting taxes … Read More

Family Of Oregon Massacre Victim: Obama’s Visit Brought Us Peace, Was Not Political

When the Oregon shooting took place, President Obama stated that he would visit the victim’s families. Republicans had a field day, criticizing the president for politicizing a tragedy, when in reality, he was more interested in offering his compassion to … Read More

Mayor of Kentucky ‘City Below the Cross’ Vows to Ignore Secular Complaints About Religious Display

The mayor of Wilmore, Kentucky, has made it clear that he will ignore the complaints of secular citizens who are calling for city officials to remove the cross on top of the town’s water tower. “In nearly 40 years, no … Read More

Trump to Live-Tweet Dem Debate

Are you looking for some excitement on the side as you watch the Democrats debate tonight? Donald Trump has promised that he will provide live commentary throughout the entire two hour debate. At the request of many, and even though … Read More

Trump: Aerosmith Dispute ‘Worked Out’

Donald Trump and Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler have worked out their differences over Trump’s use of the bands song Dream On. “That’s all worked out,” Trump told reporters on Monday at the Problem Solver Convention sponsored by No Labels and The … Read More

John Fogerty: Trump’s Run ‘Blows My Mind’

Sensible Americans all across the country are flabbergasted at the fact that Donald Trump is a legitimate candidate. Rock star John Fogerty took a shot at Trump on Monday, saying that it blew his mind that he was finding success … Read More

Obama: Those Taking Religion Seriously Are Often Suspicious of Others

President Obama discussed religion in a recent interview with Pulitzer-Prize winning author Marilynne Robinson. “How do you reconcile the idea of faith being really important to you and you caring a lot about taking faith seriously with the fact that, … Read More

Trump, Clinton lead in Connecticut

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have managed to top the latest poll out of Connecticut. Trump secured 34 percent of the vote from registered Republicans in the state, while Clinton tallied 37 percent of registered Democrats. The Hill reports: All … Read More