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Daily Archives: October 14, 2015

Bill Clinton Tweets Photo of Himself Watching Hillary at Debate

While Hillary Clinton debated her heart out on Tuesday night, Bill Clinton tweeted a lonely photo of himself sitting in a hotel room watching his wife. “What happens in Vegas,” Clinton wrote in his tweet. “is I watch @Hillary Clinton … Read More

Mike Huckabee Tweets out Racist Joke About Asians Eating Dogs During Dem Debate

Mike Huckabee turned to racism to describe last nights Democratic debate. Talking about Bernie Sanders, Huckabee suggested that Asians eat dogs. I trust @BernieSanders with my tax dollars like I trust a North Korean chef with my labrador! #DemDebate — … Read More

Biden ‘Proud’ of Dems in Debate

Vice President Biden said he was “proud” of the Democrats performance in Tuesday night’s debate. “I thought every one of those folks did well, thanks,” Biden told reporters after a speech on infrastructure investment at the White House complex. According … Read More

Ivanka Trump on Donald: ‘Look, My Father Is Very Blunt’

Ivanka Trump, daughter of Donald Trump, has come to the defense of her father, who has fallen into trouble for his frequent derogatory comments about women. “Look, my father is very blunt. He’s very direct. He is not gender specific … Read More

Rubio: Dem Debate Was All About ‘Free Stuff’

The various Republican candidates are in full attack mode following Tuesday night’s debate. Unlike the Republican debates, the Democrats actually discussed policy. Sen. Marco Rubio was quick to criticize the Democrats, suggesting that they were trying to give away too … Read More

Trump Looking Forward to Taking on Carson

Donald Trump appeared on an episode of ABC’s Good Morning America on Wednesday. He discussed the Democratic debate and his excitement to take Ben Carson on. When asked about Carson, Trump made it clear that he would end the ceasefire if he … Read More

Bill Clinton: Hillary ‘Knocked It out of the Park’ in Debate

Like a good husband, former President Bill Clinton cheered on his wife, crediting her with a great performance in Tuesday night’s debate. “Last night, Hillary knocked it out of the park,” he said in an email to supporters titled: “Wow … Read More

Cruz: Dem Debate Shows ‘Recipe to Destroy a Country’

Ted Cruz called out the Democratic Party on Wednesday, suggesting that Tuesday night’s debate was a recipe for destroying the country. “It was a recipe to destroy a country,” he told a crowd in Kalona, Iowa, according to The Dallas … Read More

Michael Moore: Sanders Won the Dem Debate

Critically acclaimed director Michael Moore believes Sen. Bernie Sanders won Tuesday night’s Democratic debate. Taking to Twitter, Moore voiced his opinion in a series of tweets. ChrisMatthews nails it:Sanders won. Never be4 @ a mainstream debate has a Prez candidate … Read More

On Marijuana: What Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Would Do

During Tuesday night’s Democratic presidential debate, both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton were asked about their views on the legalization of marijuana. Sanders stood in favor of legalizing it, citing that too many young people throw their lives away with … Read More