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Daily Archives: October 17, 2015

As Mike Huckabee’s Comments and Actions Get Crazier, His Campaign Fundraising Dries Up

Mike Huckabee has closely linked his campaign to radical Republican craziness, from the Kim Davis debacle to his racist comments about Koreans eating dogs, he has managed to alienate many and his campaign finances are drying up as a result. … Read More

Bill Maher Reveals How Republicans’ ‘Heads Explode’ Every Time Bernie Sanders Speaks

Sen. Bernie Sanders appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher. Maher and Sanders discussed how Republicans frequently misunderstand Sanders and his platform. “He’s the one who makes their heads explode when he talks,” Maher said of the Democratic presidential candidate, before showing … Read More

Report: Trump, Carson to receive Secret Service protection

Following a story where Donald Trump complained about his lack of Secret Service protection, as if he couldn’t afford adequate bodyguards with his billions of dollars, the United States taxpayers will front the bill to protect Trump and Ben Carson. Trump … Read More

Joe Biden Calls Major Union Leader, Fueling Speculation on Run

Many experts are speculating that Joe Biden will announce a campaign in the coming days. According to sources, he contacted a major labor leader on Friday, fueling speculation that an announcement is imminent. Biden would be largely supported by a … Read More

Snowden Hits Back at Clinton

Famed NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has struck back against Hillary Clinton after the Democratic presidential candidate claimed he would have been protected by the whistleblower protection laws. “Sad to see Hillary repeat a false claim despite fact check. She could … Read More

Hillary Clinton, Calling Out the N.R.A., Gets a Quick Reply

The gun control debate is raging on in the United States. Hillary Clinton has taken a stance on the issue, coming out firmly against gun rights and suggesting that the U.S. follow Australia in implementing a gun buyback program. Speaking … Read More