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Daily Archives: October 19, 2015

CNN Anchor Asks Bush To Explain His Double Standard For Benghazi And 9/11. It Doesn’t Go Well

CNN anchor Jake Tapper pressed Jeb Bush on his double standard regarding Benghazi and 9/11 on Saturday. Bush struggled to answer the questions and made a fool of himself. Bush commenced the discussion by defending his brother. This prompted Tapper … Read More

Republican ‘Family Values’ Hypocrite Caught Begging A Prostitute To Abort His Baby

Pro-life and “family values” Republican David Vitter, a current Louisiana senator and candidate for governor, is mired in controversy after a former escort revealed that he got her pregnant and begged her to have an abortion. The escort, Wendy Ellis, … Read More

Virginia Residents Are Refusing To Turn In Their Now Illegal Confederate Flag Plates

Residents of Virginia are fighting hard to hold onto their tradition of racism. The state outlawed Confederate flag memorabilia, including license plates depicting the Confederacy. Virginia residents are refusing to remove their Confederate license plates, claiming that the government is … Read More

Biden Won’t Be ‘Bullied’ by Clinton Campaign, Source Says

Vice President Joe Biden hasn’t announced a campaign yet. However, should he run, his aides are certain that he could easily stand up to the bullying tactics employed by Hillary Clinton and her campaign team. “[Biden] really does not care … Read More

Trump Hits Back at Bush on Twitter

If this current election cycle has taught us anything, it’s that Donald Trump loves Twitter. The current feud between Jeb Bush and Trump has been amplified after Trump made comments about George W. Bush letting 9/11 happen on his watch. … Read More

Bush Fundraising off of Trump’s 9/11 Comments

Jeb Bush has taken the opportunity to raise additional campaign donations following Donald Trump’s comments that George W. Bush let 9/11 happen on his watch. Jeb adamantly denied the claim, coming to the defense of his brother. “If you believe … Read More

Graham Slams Trump, Carson on 9/11 Comments

Sen. Lindsey Graham has fired back at Donald Trump and Ben Carson for their comments about the 9/11 attacks and how they could have prevented them. Graham started by criticizing their “incoherent foreign policy plans” through Twitter on Sunday. “Hillary Clinton … Read More

Cruz: Trump Has Been ‘Immensely Beneficial for Our Campaign’

Ted Cruz doesn’t dislike Donald Trump. Instead, he believes he’s been useful for the Republican Party, helping legitimize other candidates. “I’m very encouraged where we are right now because I think what we’re seeing happening every day is conservatives coalescing … Read More

Preparing to Define ‘Democratic Socialism,’ Bernie Sanders Points to Libraries and the Police

Sen. Bernie Sanders is ready to show the American people what a modern socialist society looks like. The term socialism is often defined in a negative way, spawning images of communism and dysfunctional society. “To me, democratic socialism means democracy: … Read More

Sanders: Tax Rate on Wealthiest ‘Will Be a Damned Lot Higher’

Sen. Bernie Sanders is ready to take the next step if he is elected president. The Vermont senator will tax the ultra-wealthy in order to provide paid family leave to average Americans. “What we have seen, George, in the last … Read More