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Daily Archives: October 20, 2015

Bernie Sanders Calls For Federal Investigation Of Exxon

Bernie Sanders is no friend to big business. He is happy to go after them when they make mistakes and his latest target is Exxon Mobile. Sanders wrote a letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch on Tuesday, calling on her … Read More

Bush: Trump ‘Dangerous’ on National Security

The Donald Trump and Jeb Bush is a wonderful source of entertainment. In a recent trade off, Bush struck back at Trump, labeling him as a “dangerous” on national security. “That Trump echoes the attacks of Michael Moore and the … Read More

Bush Says, ‘I Just Don’t Like the Guy,’ and He Doesn’t Mean Trump

Former President George W. Bush took shots at Ted Cruz over the weekend. While he praised some of the other candidates, he made it clear that he didn’t like Cruz at all. “I just don’t like the guy,” Bush said … Read More

First Lady Launches ‘Better Make Room’ Campaign for Students

First lady Michelle Obama announced a new campaign on Monday that will target teenagers and encourage them to pursue higher education. The campaign, titled, “Better Make Room” is part of the Reach Higher initiative. “This campaign will leverage traditional and … Read More

Trump Predicts Hispanic Anger Will Drive ‘SNL’ Appearance to Record Ratings

Donald Trump is loving every second that the spotlight is on him. Next month, he will host Saturday Night Live, prompting outrage from the Latino community. “I know these groups,” he told host Alisyn Camerota on CNN’s “New Day.” “I … Read More

Trump: Obama Mulling How to ‘Take Your Guns Away’

Donald Trump bashed President Obama late on Monday, accusing the president of trying to take away guns from Americans through an upcoming executive order. “You know, the president is thinking about signing an executive order where he wants to take … Read More

After Claiming His Brother ‘Kept Us Safe,’ Jeb Bush Tries To Blame Bill Clinton For 9/11

Jeb Bush is in full scramble mode, trying to salvage his bid to become president and his brother George W. Bush’s legacy. In an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity, Bush blamed Bill Clinton for 9/11. “When we were … Read More

Biden Contradicts Clinton’s Account of Bin Laden Raid Decision

Joe Biden offered his account of the Osama Bin Ladin raid, dismissing Hillary Clinton’s claim that she fully supported the decision. According to Biden, then CIA Director Leon Panetta and Defense Secretary Robert Gates were the only individuals who fully … Read More

Justin Trudeau: Who Is Canada’s New Prime Minister?

Canada officially elected a new prime minister last night. Justin Trudeau, 43, the leader of the Liberals, was elected with a majority government. Trudeau’s victory was an important one for his party. The Liberal Party of Canada has been a … Read More

Chelsea Clinton: Hillary’s Testimony Will Be ‘Remarkable’

Chelsea Clinton is standing by her mother, claiming that she “will be remarkable” in her testimony before the House Select Committee on Benghazi later this week. “I think every opportunity my mom has, she proves again and again why she … Read More