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Daily Archives: October 21, 2015

More Than 100 Police Chiefs And Prosecutors Unite To Cut Prison Population

A massive movement to release non-violent criminals is sweeping across the United States. During a discussion on behalf of the Law Enforcement Leaders to Reduce Crime & Incarceration earlier in the week, over 100 of the nation’s top police chiefs agreed that … Read More

Harry Reid Calls Senate Bill That Targets Sanctuary Cities ‘The Donald Trump Act’

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid attacked senate Republicans on Tuesday for their commitment to trying to push through the Sanctuary City Bill. He took a shot at the party, noting that they were working hard to pass “The Donald Trump … Read More

Fact-Checkers: Trump Is A Liar, U.S. Doesn’t Have Highest Tax Rate In The World

Donald Trump was caught in another lie. Earlier in the week, he claimed that the United States had the highest tax rate in the world, claiming that it was as high as 90 percent in some circumstances. Naturally, the media … Read More

Republicans’ Expectations High for Trump, Poll Finds

Donald Trump is flying high. In a recent poll, he scored nearly 30 percent more support than Ben Carson, cementing himself as a legitimate candidate that is here to stay. The latest poll by ABC News/The Washington Post revealed that … Read More

‘Clock Kid’ Ahmed Mohamed Moving to Qatar

In a strange twist, “Clock Kid” Ahmed Mohamed is moving with his family to Qatar. Certainly not a bastion of human rights, the family defended their decision, claiming that their son Ahmed was offered a respectable education by the Qatar … Read More

Dem: Benghazi Probe ‘Made Hillary Stronger’

Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) believes that the Congressional Benghazi investigation has helped Hillary Clinton’s campaign. “This has been a witch hunt. It’s gone on longer than Watergate, Iran-Contra, Katrina and the Warren Commission,” Boxer said on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” … Read More

Reid to GOP: You Are ‘an Embarrassment’

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid called out Republicans on Tuesday, describing them as “an embarrassment.” “Time and time again, Republican leaders have brought the United States to the brink of unnecessary disaster, and sadly here we are again facing another … Read More

Paul Ryan Willing to Run for Speaker With Key GOP Endorsements

After denying rumors that he was willing to run for House Speaker for the Republicans, Paul Ryan is now willing to accept the job so long as the party can unite on a common platform. “I can truly be a … Read More

Boehner Sets Election Dates for Speaker

House Speaker John Boehner has officially set election dates for his current role. The elections for House Speaker will occur on Oct. 28 and the floor election will occur on Oct. 29. There was widespread speculation that Boehner would stay … Read More

First on CNN: Super PAC Targets Benghazi Committee Republicans Ahead of Hillary Clinton’s Testimony

Hillary Clinton is set to deliver her Benghazi testimony on Thursday. Democrats have come to the defense of Clinton, attacking the panel for its petty bipartisan tactics and its goal to discredit and devalue Clinton’s campaign efforts. A super PAC … Read More