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Daily Archives: October 23, 2015

GOP Finally Admits: Trump May Win Nomination

A group of top strategists for the Republican Party are starting to believe Donald Trump is a legitimate candidate and that he may be able to capture the required votes to seriously challenge the Democrats. According to a poll by … Read More

Dem to Clinton: Benghazi Panel Is Here to ‘Prosecute You’

Rep. Adam Smith (D-Wash) called out Thursday’s House Select Committee on Benghazi, calling it a “partisan exercise” that was designed to prosecute Hillary Clinton. The Republicans were salivating at the opportunity to publicly embarrass Clinton, but their committee failed to achieve … Read More

Sanders Won’t Take up the Obama Mantle

Bernie Sanders made it clear on Friday that he wouldn’t continue President Obama’s legacy if elected. “I think we’ve got to go further,” the White House hopeful said on MSNBC’s “All in with Chris Hayes” on Wednesday night. “I think we … Read More

GOP Lawmakers Lambaste Obama Veto of Defense Bill

GOP lawmakers are collectively tearing into President Obama after he vetoed a defense funding bill. Using words such as “abhorrent,” “disgusting,” and “dumbfounded” to describe his actions. “We’re not vetoing the National Defense Authorization Act because of some policy difference … Read More

Obama Defends Black Lives Matter

President Obama came out in support of the Black Lives Matter movement on Thursday. Obama has dabbled in racial discussions in the past, but this is the first time he has publicly endorsed a major racial movement. “The African-American community … Read More

Lincoln Chafee Drops out of Democratic Primary Race

Democratic presidential candidate Lincoln Chafee is out. He announced his decision to drop out of the race on Friday. “As you know, I have been campaigning on a platform of Prosperity Through Peace,” Chafee said at the DNC’s annual Women’s … Read More

Key Union Endorses Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is generating a lot of momentum in the recent weeks. After a strong performance at the first debate and the Benghazi hearing, she is surging forward and will likely win the Democratic nomination. On Friday, the AFSCME, … Read More

Benghazi Hearing Floods Clinton Campaign Coffers With Cash

Thursday’s Benghazi hearing called on Hillary Clinton to outline what happened in 2012. Clinton performed well and generated a large sum of donations for her campaign in the process. Many criticized the Republican leadership on House Select Committee on Benghazi for focusing … Read More

Trump Distances Himself From Nine Super-PACs

Donald Trump may be a billionaire, but he hasn’t been able to stick to his promise that he would personally finance his entire campaign. In recent weeks, Trump has raised $3.8 million from individuals. In order to save face, Trump … Read More

Trump: Clinton’s Benghazi Testimony Sounded ‘Terrible’

Donald Trump offered his commentary regarding Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi testimony, which took placed on Thursday. “I watched maybe five or six minutes, maybe 10 minutes, her opening remarks, and the way she was reading them, it sounded terrible,” Trump told conservative radio host … Read More