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Daily Archives: October 29, 2015

Bush Stokes International Ire with ‘French Work Week’ Comment

Jeb Bush can’t catch a break this election. Desperate to save his numbers in the polls and to impress his father and big brother, Bush said he was going all in during the debate. After a poor performance, which saw … Read More

Pentagon: ‘We’re in Combat’ in Iraq

The Pentagon admitted on Wednesday that U.S. troops are currently in combat in Iraq. President Obama previously had promised that he would pull the troops out. However, recent events in the region and the rise of ISIS have forced the … Read More

Speaker Ryan Calls for Unity in Maiden Speech

Paul Ryan has ascended the throne and has become the new House Speaker for Congress. After succumbing to turmoil, the Republicans have finally elected a new House Speaker to replace John Boehner. In a maiden speech, Ryan called for unity … Read More

BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Endorses Federal Investigation Of Exxon

Hillary Clinton officially endorses an investigation into ExxonMobil for their role in decimating the environment in New Jersey. While appearing at a campaign stop in New Hampshire on Thursday, Clinton responded to a supporter who asked her if the federal … Read More

Online Polls: Trump Won Third GOP Debate

If you haven’t heard, the Republican presidential debate occurred on Wednesday night. The various candidates squared off, rivalries were fueled, and controversy was aplenty. Following the debate, most critics claimed that Republican frontrunner Donald Trump won. Thanks everyone, they all … Read More

Kasich on Trump: ‘Radical Doesn’t Work’

Gov. John Kasich may be trailing in the polls, but that hasn’t stopped him from offering an honest critique of Donald Trump. “Radical doesn’t work,” he said on Fox News during an interview broadcast from Boulder, Colo., the site of … Read More

Bernie Sanders Calls for an End to Federal Prohibition on Marijuana

Bernie Sanders is calling for an end to the federal government’s prohibition on marijuana. If elected president, Sanders would push to reclassify marijuana, removing it as a Schedule 1 drug, and move towards legalizing it across the board. “In my … Read More

NY Times Calls on Chris Christie to Drop out of Presidential Race

The New York Times is demanding that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie drop out of the presidential race. They care calling for Christie to call it quits based on his terrible numbers in the polls and the fact that New Jersey is … Read More

Cruz Campaign Sees Fundraising Spike After Debate

Ted Cruz saw a significant increase in campaign contributions following Wednesday night’s Republican debate in Colorado. By midnight on Wednesday, Cruz had amassed a respectable $772,000. Cruz’s big moment was when he challenged the debate moderator for asking trivial questions … Read More

Colbert Challenges Trump: Donate $1M to Charity

Stephen Colbert has offered a challenge to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, donate $1 million to charity. After Trump recently discussed a small $1 million loan given to him by his father, Colbert suggested that he donate it to charity … Read More