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Daily Archives: November 3, 2015

White House Dings Trump for His Business Bankruptcies

White House press secretary Josh Earnest couldn’t resist blasting Donald Trump when he was asked a question regarding the real estate market and Trump’s expertise in it. CBS News correspondent Major Garrett asked Earnest about Trumps claim that  Federal Reserve Chair … Read More

Reid Knocks Paul Ryan on Family Leave

House Speaker Paul Ryan is a hypocrite, not many will doubt that, and it has been made abundantly clear over his desire to receive paid family leave, but deny the average American from achieving it. Sen. Minority Leader Harry Reid … Read More

Paul Ryan Compliments GOP Presidential Candidates: ‘We’re Having A Good Primary Process’

House Speaker Paul Ryan took a shot at Hillary Clinton on Oct. 30, suggesting that any one of the Republican candidates would make a better president than Clinton. He praised the success of the current primaries, adding that they were cathartic, … Read More

White House Blasts Ryan’s ‘Preposterous’ Position on Immigration

The White House slammed House Speaker Paul Ryan on Monday, calling his refusal to work with the president “preposterous. Press secretary Josh Earnest called Ryan a hypocrite for refusing to work on immigration legislation when he had no issue doing … Read More

Trump: Rubio ‘Overrated,’ Less Attractive Than Me

Donald Trump seems to exist in a perpetual state of conflict against the other Republican candidates. This time, he is firing shots at Marco Rubio, suggesting that he is “overrated” and “less attractive” than him. “I think he’s highly overrated. … Read More

Clinton Pushes for Gun Control in New Ad

Hillary Clinton’s latest political ad is calling for gun control. Gun control has become a popular topic after a string of school shootings took place. “This epidemic of gun violence knows no boundaries,” Clinton says in a town hall event … Read More

Koch Brothers: We’re ‘Failures’ at Changing America

The Koch brothers, famous for buying politicians and trying to influence the political system have come out and called themselves “failures” at bringing about political change. The same Kochs that spent $400 million in 2012 and are on track to … Read More

Donald Trump: Ben Carson ‘Just Doesn’t Have the Experience’ to Be President

Donald Trump is still harping about Ben Carson lacking the experience to be president. Trump himself has never been president either, but is adamant that Carson isn’t ready to become the leader of the free world. “It’s not his thing. … Read More

For This Released Inmate, Freedom Tastes Like Pizza For Breakfast

Most of us take simplistic tasks like eating pizza for granted. Dana Bowerman, an ex-inmate who was just released from a prison in Bryan, Texas, on Monday, was overwhelmed when she was able to eat pizza for breakfast. “I had five … Read More

NBC/WSJ Poll: Carson Surges Into Lead of National GOP Race

The latest poll by NBC/WSJ has revealed that Ben Carson is leading the Republican Party. Carson has dabbled with the lead a few times, but this national poll pits him ahead of longtime Republican frontrunner Donald Trump. Carson managed to … Read More