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Daily Archives: November 4, 2015

Trump Targets CNN in Latest Attack

A new day, a new target for Donald Trump. In his latest rant, Trump targeted CNN. “Sara Murray didn’t report it very well because she never flips the camera to show the lines. I think she’s absolutely terrible, your reporter,” … Read More

Ryan: Obama Wants to ‘Go Around’ the Congress on Immigration

House Speaker Paul Ryan is accusing President Barack Obama of trying to go around Congress with his upcoming immigration policy. “The president has proven on this issue that he wants to go around Congress, not work with Congress,” he told … Read More

Clinton Holds 56-Point Lead in SC

In the latest South Carolina poll, Hillary Clinton dominated Bernie Sanders by over 56 percent. The poll revealed that Clinton is running away with the lead and that Sanders will have to quickly pick up his campaign or face becoming irrelevant. … Read More

Anderson Cooper Drops a Hammer on Donald Trump After Being Accused of Going Easy on Hillary Clinton

CNN’s Anderson Cooper dismissed Republican claims that the Democratic debate was soft and didn’t ask tough questions. Previously, Donald Trump suggested that Cooper only asked softball questions. “Hillary Clinton was given all softballs,” Trump said. “I mean, she wasn’t asked … Read More

Ryan, Obama Vie for Upper Hand

President Barack Obama and House Speaker Paul Ryan are currently going head-to-head over the fall’s budget. Ryan is standing his ground and claims to be fighting for a conservative agenda that is focused on controlling government spending. “This is the legislative … Read More

Sanders Offers Bill to Legalize Marijuana

Bernie Sanders doesn’t hide the fact that he supports the legalization of marijuana. On Wednesday, he introduced the Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act, which accomplishes exactly what its name suggests. “We need major changes in our criminal justice system — … Read More

Allen West: Obama ‘Playing a Deadly Game’ With Troops’ Lives

Controversial Republican and former Congressman Allen B. West has called out President Barack Obama for gambling with the lives of soldiers. “The Obama administration is playing a deadly game with the lives of our troops,” he wrote In his blog on Wednesday. … Read More

Trump ‘SNL’ Promos Released

Donald Trump is coming to Saturday Night Live. The comedy show recently released the promos for the controversial episode. Over the past few weeks, several Hispanic groups have called on SNL to drop Trump. The network has refused to budge … Read More

Cruz Bill Would Designate Muslim Brotherhood as Terrorist Group

Sen. Ted Cruz is fathering a new bill that would force the Obama administration to label the Muslim Brotherhood as a foreign terrorist organization. The bill, titled, the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act was developed by Cruz after recent evidence suggested … Read More

Marco Rubio Sticks up for Bernie Sanders

In a rare showing, Sen. Marco Rubio came out in defense of the Democrat’s Bernie Sanders. During a Wednesday event in New Hampshire, Rubio corrected a questioner who was attacking Sanders over his socialism. “In fairness, they fled communism,” Rubio … Read More