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Daily Archives: November 8, 2015

Donald Trump: Carson’s ‘Going to Have to Explain a Lot’

Even though Donald Trump is battling Ben Carson in the polls, he sympathized with his opponent and the way that the media is treating him in the recent weeks. “I feel badly for Ben, I’ve gotten to like Ben, it’s … Read More

Paul: Rubio and Hillary ‘the Same Person’

Does anyone remember Sen. Rand Paul. Some say he is still campaigning to become president, but his numbers in the poll tell a different story. Paul suggested that Hillary Clinton and Sen. Marco Rubio are the same person and share … Read More

Carson Thanks ‘Biased Media’ for $3.5M Fundraising Haul

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson may be annoyed by the media’s portrayal of him, but he was happy this week after their biased coverage helped him raise $3.5 million. We the People have made 10,000 donations each day this week, … Read More

Carly Fiorina: ‘Anybody Can Write a Plan’

Carly Fiorina slammed the other presidential candidates for writing platforms of how they will approach major issues when elected. Fiorina is one of only two candidates that hasn’t written a comprehensive tax plan and it is something that she brags about. … Read More

Sanders: Media Attacks on Carson Unfair

Sen. Bernie Sanders came to the defense of Ben Carson, calling the media’s recent attacks on him unfair. “I think it might be a better idea – I know it’s a crazy idea – but maybe we focus on the … Read More

Trump Gives ‘SNL’ Biggest Ratings in Years

Donald Trump hosted Saturday Night Live on Nov. 7, and through his direction, the show had its biggest ratings in years. Many Latino groups were calling for Trump to be banned from hosting the episode, but the network refused to abide by … Read More