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Daily Archives: November 9, 2015

Chris Christie Vetoes Legislation Making It Easier To Vote In New Jersey

Chris Christie, a third tier candidate running for president, has officially vetoed the Democracy Act on Monday. The Democracy Act would have legislated automatic voter registration, adding nearly 1.6 million eligible voters. Christie supported his choice, citing voter fraud as … Read More

McDonald’s Employee Teases Homeless Man With Free Hamburger, Throws Water At Him (Video)

A cruel McDonald’s employee at one of the company’s Detroit locations is drawing the ire of the Internet after a video surfaced of him luring a homeless person with food only to throw water at him. “Hey Willy, come here, … Read More

Machine Malfunction Costs Woman $8 Million In Casino Winnings

Veronica Castillo from Portland, Oregon, was shocked when she saw that she had won the $8 million jackpot at a Washington state casino. Sadly, her bubble was quickly crushed when casino bosses approached her and informed her that the machine … Read More

Man Who Beat World War II Veteran During Armed Robbery Sentenced To 50 Years In Jail

Justice has been served to a man from Bluewell, West Virginia, who pleaded guilty to participating in two armed robberies, on of which he beat a World War II veteran. During a plea hearing in September, Joshua Short, 35, admitted … Read More

Carson Backs Puerto Rican Statehood

Ben Carson is desperate to attract voters and to appear different than his opponents. “In a Carson administration, I will leave no stone unturned in my efforts to secure this important step in Puerto Rico’s history — establishing Estado 51,” … Read More

Feinstein: Obama Plan in Syria ‘Won’t Do It’

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) criticized President Barack Obama’s weak response to Syria, slamming him for sending only 50 special operations troops to combat ISIS. “The special forces are limited, I think, to 50. That won’t do it,” she said Sunday … Read More

Rubio: Reductions in Defense Spending ‘Reckless’

Sen. Marco Rubio spewed the party line on Sunday, suggested that cutting the defense budget was reckless and dangerous. “We need to get back to funding our defenses because it is the most important thing the federal government does,” Rubio … Read More

Trump’s ISIS Plan: ‘Take the Oil’

Donald Trump has offered a detailed and thorough plan for taking down ISIS, “Take the oil.” “I’m looking to take the oil. I want to take the oil. I want the oil,” Trump said on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday. … Read More

Ben Carson Renews Attacks on Media Scrutiny

Ben Carson’s hatred of the media is intensifying as they continue to pick him apart for embellishing and imagining his past. Speaking to reporters at a political rally in Puerto Rico on Sunday morning, Carson fired back at the media for … Read More

Report: DHS Spends $1B to Digitize, Only 1 Immigration Form Available Online

Government waste is a sad byproduct of our current government and something that needs to be addressed under future leadership. From the excessive costs of Healthcare.gov to the Department of Homeland Security’s $1 billion initiative to digitize documents, the wastefulness must … Read More