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Daily Archives: November 10, 2015

Kathy Griffin Backing Hillary – Even If It Costs Her Fans

Comedian Kathy Griffin has come out in support of Hillary Clinton and she doesn’t care if it costs her fans in the process. “I’m told by my team, ‘Don’t say who you’re supporting. It’ll cost you ticket sales,’” the standup-comic, … Read More

Sanders Vows to Act on Immigration in First 100 Days If Elected

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has vowed to push immigration reform within his first 100 days, if elected. “We cannot and must not sweep up millions of men, women and children, many of whom have been here for years, and … Read More

Palin Weighs in on Starbucks Red Cup ‘Non-Controversy’

Sarah Palin is like a cold that won’t go away, despite weeks of sleeping, drinking hot soup, and taking copious amounts of Nyquil. Palin offered her commentary on the recent Starbucks “War on Christmas” debacle. She criticized the left for making … Read More

Rand Paul: If Asked, I’ll Appear on ‘SNL’

Seeing the success that Donald Trump had on Saturday Night Live has forced Sen. Rand Paul to clarify that he would happily appear on the show. Sadly, no one wants Paul on the show as he is an unimportant candidate at this … Read More

Obama to Appeal Immigration Ruling to Supreme Court

President Barack Obama will take his immigration case to the Supreme Court after an appeals court struck it down. “The Department of Justice remains committed to taking steps that will resolve the immigration litigation as quickly as possible in order … Read More

South Carolina Democratic poll: Clinton way ahead of Sanders

Hillary Clinton continues to maintain her lead over Bernie Sanders. The latest poll by Monmouth University has Clinton at a nearly 50 point lead over Sanders. According to the results, Clinton netted 69 percent of the votes, while Sanders only … Read More

SC Poll: Carson Unhurt by Controversies

The latest South Carolina poll has revealed that Ben Carson remains untouched in the standings, despite two weeks of intense media coverage that has directly targeted his past. The poll placed Donald Trump in the lead with 25 percent of … Read More

Trump: Currency Manipulation ‘the Worst of China’s Sins’

Donald Trump called out China on Monday for their reliance on currency manipulation to achieve economic dominance over the last decade. “The American people need to be told the truth about our ‘partner’ China,” he wrote in an op-ed forThe … Read More

Donald Trump Suggests a Boycott of Starbucks and Its Plain Red Cups

Every holiday season, evil liberals declare war on Christmas. At least that is the case if you ask Republicans. Republican frontrunner Donald Trump has suggested that Americans boycott Starbucks over the holiday season, in protest of their decision to release … Read More

Carson Now Most Favorable GOP Candidate

Despite his rampant controversy, Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson remains the most favorable candidate by far. A recent poll by the Washington Post/ABC News revealed that he is achieving an impressive 71 percent approval rating. In contrast, Donald Trump’s was … Read More