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Daily Archives: November 20, 2015

Trump: ‘I Feel Totally Bad’ for Syrian Refugees

Donald Trump is the biggest hypocrite in the current election cycle. After spending the last week blasting Muslims, calling them terrorists, agreeing with anti-Syrian refugee bills, and being a general racist bigot, Trump is not sympathizing with Syrian refugees. “I … Read More

Clinton Blasts Congress, GOP on Refugees

Hillary Clinton is often a hawk in her own right. However, she came to the defense of Syrian refugees on Thursday and slammed the GOP and Congress for failing families in need. “We cannot allow terrorists to intimidate us into … Read More

Ryan: Wrong to Assume Paris Attacks a ‘One-Time Event’

House Speaker Paul Ryan continues his fear mongering campaign following the Paris terror attacks. He suggested that the recent attacks weren’t a one-time thing and that they would occur again. Doesn’t this sound eerily similar to 9/11? Not to downplay … Read More

Obama: Other Leaders Dye Their Hair, Not Me

President Barack Obama joked about his graying hair on Friday when he was asked a question at a town hall in Malaysia. The individual asked Obama what he wanted to see from young people after he exits office and begins … Read More

Ex-CIA Director: Snowden Should Be ‘Hanged’ for Paris

A former CIA director has called out Edward Snowden for engaging in treason and wants to see him sentenced to death. “It’s still a capital crime, and I would give him the death sentence, and I would prefer to see … Read More

Major insurer may leave ObamaCare

ObamaCare is about to be dealt a massive blow if one of the largest health insurers participating in the program decides to leave it. UnitedHealthcare held a shareholder meeting on Thursday, where the company announced that they were struggling to … Read More