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Daily Archives: November 23, 2015

Christie: ‘I Don’t Recall’ Arabs in NJ Cheering on 9/11

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is dismissing claims by Donald Trump and Ben Carson that Muslim-Americans in New Jersey were celebrating the collapse of the World Trade Centers in 2001. I don’t recall that — I don’t,” Christie told reporters in … Read More

Trump: ‘It Is Highly, Highly, Highly, Highly Unlikely’ I Will Use Nukes

The mere thought of Donald Trump having control over a nuclear payload is terrifying in its own right, but do not worry! Trump himself made it clear that he wouldn’t use them. “I wouldn’t be nuking anybody,” Trump said in … Read More

Poll: Americans Say Trump Most Likely to Ruin Thanksgiving

These days, there is a poll for everything. The latest poll by Public Policy Polling has found that Donald Trump is the most likely candidate to say something inappropriate during a Thanksgiving meal. 46 percent of Americans think Trump would … Read More

Trump: ‘No Way’ Time Makes Me Person of the Year

Donald Trump is currently in the running for TIME Magazine’s person of the year. However, the billionaire turned presidential candidate knows he will not win the honor. “We have somebody from Time magazine here,” he told listeners during a rally … Read More

Sanders Is Top Contender in Time’s Person of the Year Poll

TIME Magazine is set to select their annual person of the year and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is in the running for the honor. According to the magazine, Sanders is leading the charge with 11.2 percent of the vote. … Read More

Ryan: ‘It’s Better to Be Safe than Sorry’ on Refugees

House Speaker Paul Ryan offered one of the dumbest explanations for his party’s anti-Syrian refugee stance, suggesting that it was better to be “safe than sorry.” “Terrorists have made it clear that they intend to infiltrate this refugee population to reach … Read More

First Rubio TV Ad: ‘What Happened in Paris Could Happen Here’

Sen. Marco Rubio tapped into public fear for his first TV ad, suggesting that the Paris terror attacks could happen here. “This is a civilizational struggle between the values of freedom and liberty, and radical Islamic terror,” Rubio says in the ad, … Read More

Poll: Over 6 in 10 Think Obama Lacks an ISIS Plan

Republicans have been waging war on President Barack Obama’s ISIS plan since the terrorist group rose in prominence. They have painted Obama as an ineffective leader and their opinions have extended to the majority of Americans. A recent CBS News … Read More

Kasich Slams Muslim Registry as ‘Nonsense’

Republican presidential candidate John Kasich may be struggling in the polls, but that hasn’t stopped him from slamming the other candidates for their absurd anti-Muslim policies. “I flat out condemn the idea that we are going to have Muslims register,” … Read More

Clinton Calling for Tax Break to Help Families Care for Ailing Relatives

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton called for a tax break to help families care for their aging parents and grandparents on Sunday. According to one of Clinton’s aides, the tax break would offset up to $6,000, providing middle-class families with … Read More