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Daily Archives: November 25, 2015

Kasich Ad Hits ‘Trump’s Dangerous Rhetoric’

Republican presidential candidate John Kasich is a vocal opponent of Donald Trump and his racist rhetoric. On Tuesday, Kasich released an attack ad that called for voters to be wary of the billionaire and his intolerant platform. The Ad: The … Read More

Hillary: Many Young Blacks ‘Taken Too Soon’

Hillary Clinton is a master at pandering for votes during times of tragedy. While Donald Trump secures the racist and xenophobic vote, Clinton is working hard to guarantee herself the African-American vote in 2016. Speaking about the recent release of … Read More

Trump Hopes He’s Going to Heaven

Donald Trump never does anything wrong. At least that is the case if you ask Trump himself. While speaking to GQ magazine, Trump was asked if he believed he was going to heaven. “I hope so. That’s what I strive … Read More

Will Smith Considers a Future in Politics

Now, this is a story all about how my life got flipped-turned upside down. Sound familiar? It’s the opening line to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Will Smith, famous for Men in Black, a PG-13 rap career, and the … Read More

Trump: Report Your Neighbors for Suspicious Activities

Love thy neighbor. Unless, of course, Donald Trump is our president. In that case, report your neighbor for the terrorist that they are. Trump called on voters to report their neighbors for questionable behavior on Tuesday. “People move into a … Read More

O’Malley: Trump’s Muslim Database Leads to ‘Fascism’

It isn’t hard for other presidential candidates to look good when there is a Donald Trump in the running. Martin O’Malley accused Trump of fascism based on his plan to establish a Muslim database. [It is] shameful,” he said Tuesday … Read More

Obama: Climate Summit a ‘Powerful Rebuke’ to Terrorists

President Barack Obama understands the best way to deal with ISIS, ignore them and let them fizzle out. Obama made it clear that he and other world leaders from the West will focus on climate change and building a better … Read More

Report: Trump Battles Historians over the Civil War

Virginian Civil War historians are taking offense to Donald Trump’s recent comments that his golf course is located on the site of a major battle. “Many great American soldiers, both of the North and South, died at this spot,” a … Read More

Donald Trump Says He Can Predict Terrorism: ‘I Can Feel It’

Donald Trump has a new special power. In his own words, he is able to predict terrorism because he “can feel it.” While speaking in South Carolina on Tuesday, Trump announced that he is the best Republican candidate and that … Read More

Rubio Calls to ‘Defend Turkey’ Against Putin

Tensions are flaring in the Middle East after Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet. The Russians quickly condemned Turkey for their decision and are looking for international support. Sen. Marco Rubio came to the defense of Turkey on Tuesday, … Read More