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Daily Archives: November 30, 2015

Sanders: ‘People Are Crying out for Change’

Bernie Sanders called for change on Sunday, saying that the American people “are crying out for change.” “From coast to coast, the American people are crying out for change, for real change,” Sanders said at the annual Jefferson-Jackson Dinner, according … Read More

Carson: Both Sides in Abortion Debate Need to Tone down Rhetoric

You know it’s bad when Ben Carson tells you to tone down your rhetoric. The rhetoric king is calling on both sides of the abortion debate to relax their stances. “I think both sides should tone down their rhetoric and … Read More

Jeb: Trump Playing the Media ‘Like a Fiddle’

Jeb Bush praised Donald Trump for playing the media “like a fiddle.” “He knows what he’s saying. He’s smart. He’s playing you guys like a fiddle, the press, by saying outrageous things and garnering attention,” Bush, a former Florida governor, … Read More

Clinton Unveils Infrastructure Plan

Hillary Clinton is set to unveil a new infrastructure plan on Monday, highlighting how she will tackle domestic spending if elected president in 2016. “To build a strong economy for our future, we must start by building strong infrastructure today,” … Read More

Planned Parenthood Official: ‘Hateful’ Speech Contributed to Shootings

Planned Parenthood was quick to come out and criticize the “hateful rhetoric” that led to the recent shooting. “We’ve experienced so much hateful language… such a negative environment has been created around the work that Planned Parenthood does,” said Vicki … Read More

Fiorina: Spin After Clinic Attack ‘Typical Left-Wing Tactics’

Carly Fiorina blasted the left for “spinning” the Planned Parenthood shooting story. “This is so typical of the left, to immediately begin demonizing the messenger because they don’t agree with the message,” Fiorina said on “Fox News Sunday.” “What I … Read More

Trump Gets OK to Use Twisted Sister Song

Donald Trump has been OKed by Twisted Sisters Dee Snider to use the band’s hit song, “We’re Not Gonna Take It” on the campaign trail. Previously, Trump clashed with R.E.M.’s Michael Stripe after he illegally used one of their songs. … Read More

Obama Pays His Respects at the Bataclan in Paris

The Paris terror attacks may have happened several weeks ago, but that didn’t stop President Barack Obama from paying his respects to those that died. Accompanied by French President Francois Hollande and Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, Obama placed a single … Read More

Donald Trump’s Big Endorsement Event Quietly Becomes a Private Meeting

Remember when Donald Trump claimed that he had the endorsement of 100 black pastors on Wednesday? It was a lie. Trump met with 100 black pastors on Monday, in an informational session that is designed to convince them to endorse … Read More

Donald Trump: Obama Climate Change Remarks One of ‘Dumbest Things’ Uttered in History

When Donald Trump doesn’t understand something, he immediately mocks it. Following President Barack Obama’s announcements about climate change, Trump commented, calling them the “dumbest things” ever on Monday. “I think one of the dumbest statements I’ve ever heard in politics … Read More