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Daily Archives: December 2, 2015

Jeb on vp Pick: I Think She Will Be a Great Partner

As each candidate fights to be nominated for their respective party, the vice president question becomes increasingly important. Jeb Bush fielded a question about his vice president on Tuesday, suggesting that his running mate would be a female. “Should I be … Read More

Spike Lee: Trump ‘Like Hitler’ Toward Muslims

Donald Trump has been called a lot of things. Spike Lee’s latest nickname for the billionaire is “Hitler.” “He wants to close down the mosques now,” Lee said Monday in an interview with The Daily Beast, referring to Trump. “That’s like … Read More

Trump’s Hat Gets LGBT Makeover

We’ve all seen Donald Trump and his hideous 1980s hats. You know, the red ones that say “Make America Great Again.” Human Rights Campaign, a leading LGBT activist group, has recreated Trump’s hat, altering the slogan to “Make America Gay … Read More

Paul Ryan: ‘Clearly We Can Do More’ to Address Mental Health Issues

In a surprise move, House Speaker Paul Ryan called on Congress to address mental health issues. “Clearly we can do more,” Ryan said Tuesday, adding, “one common denominator in these tragedies is mental illness. That’s why we need to look … Read More

Huckabee Raps Obama as ‘Weather-Obsessed’ for Climate Change Push

Climate change is an important issue that Republicans love to attack President Barack Obama on. While Obama looks to build a cleaner future, Republicans are content with focusing on the now and ignoring the future. “Obama’s blindness is beyond baffling … Read More

Sanders: ObamaCare Repeal Bill a ‘Waste of Time’

Sen. Bernie Sanders blasted Republicans for trying to pass a bill that will repeal ObamaCare. He called the initiative a “waste of time.” “What this legislation does is move us in exactly the wrong direction,” he said. “The bill we … Read More

Trump: ‘I Always Felt a Little Guilty’ About Not Serving in Military

Donald Trump is a draft dodger. He doesn’t like the label, but he snaked his way out of serving in Vietnam under the guise of being medically unfit. Trump suggested that he felt sorry that he never served in the … Read More

Trump: Obama Has Made Us ‘Fools’ with Focus on Climate Change

Donald Trump hates anything related to climate change. The Republican candidate called Obama a “fool” for focusing on climate change at the recent Paris talks. “We are fools,” he told host Stephen K. Bannon on Sirius XM’s “Breitbart News Daily.” “All … Read More

Poll: Trump Leads as Carson Fades

Donald Trump continues to dominate the field of Republicans, maintaining a 10 point lead over Marco Rubio. Former second place candidate Ben Carson has started to fade. Trump has been leading the Republicans for several months, while his opponents have … Read More

UnitedHealth CEO Regrets Entering ObamaCare

ObamaCare was an important first step in bringing universal healthcare to the United States. The jury is still out on the program, but on Tuesday, one of its biggest insurers said that they regretted joining. “It was for us a … Read More