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Daily Archives: December 10, 2015

Biden: I Made ‘Right Decision’ Not to Run

Vice President Joe Biden is happy with his decision not to run in the current election cycle. “My decision, I know, was the right decision,” he told Bloomberg in an interview published Wednesday. “I believed I could win, but that’s … Read More

Scottish University Strips Trump’s Honorary Degree by Jesse Byrnes

Donald Trump’s honorary degree from the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland, has been stripped due to his recent string of anti-Muslim comments. A spokesperson for the university claimed that they had no choice but to revoke the degree due … Read More

Trump: Muslim Ban ‘Not About Religion’

Donald Trump suggested Wednesday that his Muslim ban wasn’t about religion. “These are people that are outside the country, so we’re really not talking about the Constitution,” the GOP presidential candidate said during an interview on ABC’s “Life with Kelly … Read More

Clinton Floats Executive Action Crackdown on Corporations

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is fixating her crosshairs on large corporations, and if elected, she suggested she would seek executive action against them. “Here’s the bottom line: corporations don’t need a tax break — you do,” Clinton told a crowd … Read More

Palin Hails Trump’s Call for Muslim Ban as ‘Common Sense’

WARNING: Sarah Palin has opened her mouth again and it was a ‘doozy. Coming to the defense of Donald Trump, Palin hailed the billionaires anti-Muslim comments, calling them “common sense.” Herd mentality [is] running rampant with hypocritical and/or naïve pundits … Read More

Seizing an Opening, Clinton Sharpens Attacks on Trump

Hillary Clinton has started her offensive against Donald Trump after the Republican candidate weakened his position with his inflammatory remarks about Muslims. In a letter to Medium, she lashed out at Trump, accusing him of “trafficking in prejudice and paranoia.” According to … Read More

Poll: Trump Leads Cruz by 19 Points

Donald Trump has pulled away from Ted Cruz and solidified his lead in the latest CBS News/New York Times poll. According to the results, Trump netted 35 percent of the vote, while the second place Cruz only managed to get … Read More

Rubio: Trump’s Muslim Plan Will Never Happen

Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio spoke to ABC on Thursday, reiterating that Donald Trump has no chance to get elected and that his anti-Muslim rhetoric is extremely dangerous. “It is never going to become the law of the country, what Donald … Read More

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Trump Is ISIS’s ‘Greatest Triumph’

Donald Trump continues to get blasted in the mainstream media from almost every angle after he made controversial comments about banning Muslims from the United States. Trump’s latest enemy is NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who came out on Wednesday and … Read More

President Obama Tells Syrian Refugee ‘You’re Part of What Makes America Great’

President Barack Obama came to the defense of Syrian refugees on Wednesday night through a Facebook post made by his official account. Originally, a man posted on the Humans of New York thread about his life as a Syrian refugee. … Read More