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Daily Archives: December 12, 2015

Terrorism Now Tops List of Voter Concerns

Terrorism topped the list of important issues in the latest New York Times/CBS News poll. Last month, only 4 percent of Americans saw terrorism as the most important issue, but in the newest poll, the number had quadrupled to 19 … Read More

Trump: I Wrote Ben Carson a Note After Talk of Brokered Convention

Donald Trump has buried the hatchet with Ben Carson after telling reporters that he wrote a personal note to him after he brought up the idea of a convention. “I watched what Ben said. I agreed with him 100%. I even … Read More

McConnell Guarantees Benefits for 9/11 First Responders

Jon Stewart’s extensive lobbying efforts for 9/11 first responders have paid off. Sen. Mitch McConnell caved in on Friday and promised to renew health benefits to them. “Everybody’s for it. It’s going to be included,” he said. The Hill reports: … Read More

Trump: Oil Companies Dictate Cruz’s Policies

While Ted Cruz extended an olive branch to Donald Trump, the billionaire went on the attack and called Cruz out for his ties to major oil companies. “With ethanol [Cruz has] gotta come a long way,” Trump said in Des … Read More

Trump Attacks Iowa Newspaper as Key Poll Looms

Donald Trump went on the offensive against the Des Moines Register on Friday, blasting the news paper ahead of a key Iowa poll. “You have one of the most dishonest right here in your backyard,” Trump said, speaking to a … Read More

Trump Holds Commanding Lead in First National Poll Since Muslim Ban Proposal

Donald Trump continues to lead the GOP nationally, despite his recent racist comments against Muslims. A Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Friday showed that Trump lead the GOP with 35 percent of the vote. In contrast, Ben Carson received 12 percent, … Read More

Poll: Most GOP Voters See Trump Winning Nomination

The latest poll by Rasmussen Reports has revealed that Donald Trump is expected to win the GOP nomination. Nearly 31 percent of voters believe that Trump is “very likely” to win the nomination, 21 percent believe he is “unlikely,” and … Read More

All Politicians Lie, Some Lie More Than Others

All politicians lie, this is a fact of life. Data collected by Politifact has revealed this to be the truth, but it also shows that some politicians lie more than others. Of the major candidates currently running for President, Ben … Read More

Ben Carson Joins Donald Trump in Threatening to Leave GOP

Ben Carson talked about joining Donald Trump on Friday when he threatened to leave the Republican Party if they continue trying to push out the likes of Trump and other similar candidates. “If the leaders of the Republican Party want to destroy … Read More