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Daily Archives: December 14, 2015

Durbin: Proposal to Ban Muslims ‘Un-American’

Sen. Dick Durbin cautioned Americans on Monday against buying into Donald Trump’s racist rhetoric, calling his Muslim ban un-American. “A candidate for president of the United States of a major political party has called for the exclusion of Muslims from … Read More

Army Allows Sikh Soldier to Keep His Beard

The U.S. Army has ruled in favor of temporary religious accommodations for a Sikh soldier on Monday. Capt. Simratpal Singh, 27, has been allowed to keep his beard. “My Sikh faith and military service are two core parts of who … Read More

Limbaugh: Trump Using ‘Establishment’ Attack on Cruz

Rush Limbaugh questioned Donald Trump’s decision to constantly berate Ted Cruz’s devotion to the GOP establishment on Sunday during an appearance on Fox New’s Sunday. “I don’t think he’s got the right temperament. I don’t think he’s got the right judgment,” … Read More

What’s Obama Getting for Christmas?

The First Lady briefly discussed President Barack Obama’s Christmas gifts on Monday, saying that her husband wouldn’t be getting anything interesting this year. “He’s going to get some workout stuff,” Michelle Obama said, warning the press not to reveal the … Read More

Doctor: Trump Would Be Healthiest President Ever

Donald Trump would allegedly be the “healthiest” president ever, according to his doctor. Dr. Harold Bornstein has been Trump’s physician since 1980, says that the candidate is healthy and ready to lead America. “Over the past 39 years, I am … Read More

Pot Activists to Honor Sanders with Trail-Blazer Award

Sen. Bernie Sanders has found a new ally in pot activists. On Monday evening, marijuana activists backed Sanders based on his efforts to try and legalize the drug. “We need major changes in our criminal justice system — including changes in … Read More

Arab Group Calls on Trump to Drop out of GOP Race

The American-Arab Anti Discrimination Committee is calling on Donald Trump to drop his presidential campaign. The group’s demand comes after Trump called on the United States to ban all Muslim travel. “With the enormity of the challenges we face as … Read More

New $360 Million Navy Ship Breaks Down

Have you ever wondered where your tax dollars are going? $360 million of it was used to purchase a navy ship that broke down less than a month after it was commissioned. The USS Milwaukee had to be towed 40 … Read More

Trump Hits New High in Poll

Donald Trump dominated the Republican Party in Monday’s Monmouth University poll. Ahead of Tuesday’s Republican debate, Trump managed to secure 41 percent of the vote, opening a 27-point lead over Ted Cruz. Cruz came in second with 14 percent of the … Read More

Poll: Clinton Would Sail to Win over Trump

The latest head-to-head poll between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has revealed that Clinton would dominate Trump in a national poll. According to the results, Clinton defeated Trump by 10 points, tallying 50 percent of the vote to his 40 … Read More