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Daily Archives: December 15, 2015

Conservative Columnist Awkwardly Describes Trump as GOP’s ‘Hot Chick’ That ‘Puts Out’

Conservative columnist Kurt Schlichter offered a cringe-worthy description of Donald Trump and how he is a “hot chick” that “puts out” Schlichter, a well-known conservative columnist, appeared on CNN on Tuesday where he talked about Trump and his craziness. “As a … Read More

Ted Cruz: Obama Is Forcing Americans to ‘Submit’ to Him by Banning Anti-Muslim Speech

Ted Cruz took a moment to bash President Barack Obama, before heading into the GOP debate on Tuesday night. In a video address, Cruz came to the defense of Frank Gaffney and his fake statistics and criticized Obama for asking … Read More

‘F*ck Trump’: Bernie Sanders and Killer Mike Talk About Republican Racism in the 2016 Campaign

Sen. Bernie Sanders and rapper Killer Mike sat down for an interview to discuss Donald Trump and everything relating to the Democrats and his campaign. According to the Rolling Stone, Killer Mike became feisty when discussing Trump and his racist platform. … Read More

Trump: Megyn Kelly Is Very Bad at Math

Donald Trump insulted Fox New’s Megyn Kelly on Tuesday, saying that she is bad at math. He lashed out at Kelly, making fun of her on-air miscalculation of a recent Monmouth University poll. [email protected], the most overrated anchor at @FoxNews, worked … Read More

Hillary Clinton Calls Out Trump and Rubio on Immigration

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has never had so much firepower to use against the GOP. In the current election cycle, both Donald Trump and Marco Rubio have provided Clinton with a plethora of political ammunition. “You see I disagree with … Read More

National Poll: Trump Dominates, Cruz Ascends

Logic is non-existent when you look at Donald Trump’s campaign and his overall numbers in the polls. The latest poll by the Washington Post and ABC News has revealed that Trump holds a substantial lead over his Republican opponent Ted … Read More

Obama: We Are Hitting ISIS Harder than Ever Before

President Barack Obama ensured during a Monday speech at the Pentagon that the United States is hitting ISIS harder than ever before. “We are hitting ISIL harder than ever,” said Obama. “ISIL leaders cannot hide, and our message to them … Read More

Rubio Ridicules ‘Ridiculous’ Obama Climate Deal

Sen. Marco Rubio blasted President Barack Obama’s climate change deal on Monday, calling it a “ridiculous deal.” “The president just signed this unfunny joke of a climate deal,” Rubio told an audience of about 200 supporters in Las Vegas’s Renaissance … Read More

Mike Tyson Defends Trump

Leave Donald Trump alone. That’s what Mike Tyson called for on Monday, pointing to the constant barrage that Trump faces from the mainstream media for his disastrous comments about Muslims, immigration, and the death penalty. “Anybody that was ever president … Read More

Trump Audience Member Yells Nazi Salute as Protester Removed From Las Vegas Rally

Violence is becoming the norm at Donald Trump’s campaign rallys. At a recent one in Las Vegas, Trump’s audience turned on several Black Lives Matter protesters, screaming, pushing, and shoving them in the process. As one man was removed, Trump’s … Read More