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Daily Archives: December 16, 2015

Trevor Noah Mocks Doctor’s Bizarre Diagnosis for ‘Cancer in a Wig’ Donald Trump

Earlier in the week, Donald Trump’s doctor came out and stated that his patient was healthy and ready to run for president. Daily Show host Trevor Noah poked fun at Trump and the medical announcement on Tuesday, calling the announcement odd … Read More

Mike Rowe: Bernie Sanders a ‘Knucklehead’

Somebody’s Gotta Do It host Mike Rowe called Sen. Bernie Sanders a “knucklehead” after Sanders suggested that individuals who don’t go to college will end up in prison. At the end of the day, providing a path to go to college … Read More

Trump: Muslim Ban Is About ‘Security’ Not Religion

Donald Trump defended his Muslim ban during Tuesday night’s GOP debate. “We are not talking about isolation, we’re talking security,” Trump said at the debate in Las Vegas, hosted by CNN. “We’re not talking about religion, we’re talking about security.” … Read More

Poll: Darth Vader Beats Trump, Not Clinton

One day before Star Wars: The Force Awakens releases, Ipsos asked voters who they would choose between Donald Trump, Darth Vader, and Hillary Clinton. The results? The Sith Lord beat Trump with 27 percent of the vote to Trump’s 18 percent, but … Read More

DiCaprio: Sanders ‘Inspiring’ on Climate Change

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio praised Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders in an interview earlier this week, calling him “inspiring” on climate change. “Look, not to get political, but listening to Bernie Sanders at that first presidential debate was pretty inspiring … Read More

Sanders, Killer Mike Discuss Socialism

Sen. Bernie Sanders met with rapper Killer Mike yesterday to discuss his platform, race, and socialism. Killer Mike, born Michael Render, endorsed Sanders last month and introduced him at a large event in Atlanta. Render suggested that “compassionate capitalism” was … Read More

Donald Trump ‘Open’ to ‘Closing’ Parts of the Internet to Fight ISIS

Donald Trump embarrassed himself again when he suggested on Tuesday that he would be willing to close parts of the Internet to combat ISIS. His statements demonstrate how little he understands how the Internet works and how overstated ISIS’ recruiting … Read More

Graham calls out GOP for ‘unhealthy’ dislike of Obama

Sen. Lindsey Graham criticized the Republican Party for their unhealthy obsession with attacking President Barack Obama. “To those people that believe Obama is a Muslim and was born in Kenya I’ve lost ya a long time ago,” Graham said before … Read More

Trump Opens Widest Lead yet over Challengers

Donald Trump has been dominating the Republican polls for months and he continued the trend in a recent ABC News/Washington Post poll released early Tuesday. In the poll, Trump secured 38 percent of the vote, while Ted Cruz received 15 percent, … Read More

Sanders Gets Some of Most Twitter Engagement in GOP Debate

Sen. Bernie Sanders wasn’t at Tuesday’s Republican debate, but he dominated Twitter with his commentary. Sanders most retweeted message addressed the anti-Muslim sentiment that is engulfing the United States. Repeat after me: We must combat anti-Muslim bigotry and all forms … Read More