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Daily Archives: December 19, 2015

Kasich Campaign Launches ‘Trump-Putin 2016’ Website

John Kasich may be slumping in the polls, but that didn’t stop him from poking fun at Donald Trump. Kasich’s campaign has released a Trump-Putin in 2016 website, making fun of the odd praises that both individuals have heaped on each … Read More

Trump: ‘Disloyal’ Hillary Threw Sanders Under the Bus

Donald Trump, the king of turning on his own party, has blasted Hillary Clinton for turning on Bernie Sanders. See, Sanders backed Hillary on E-mails at the debate, hurting himself, and then she threw him under the bus (but failed). … Read More

Trump Spokesperson: Why Have Nuclear Weapons ‘If You’re Afraid to Use’ Them?

Donald Trump’s campaign spokesperson offered a dangerous opinion on Friday, suggesting that nuclear weapons were designed to be used, not hoarded. “What good does it do to have a good nuclear triad if you’re afraid to use it?” campaign spokesperson … Read More

Trump’s Lead Grows in Post-Debate Poll

Donald Trump will be happy to hear that he is still dominating the Republican Party, according to the latest survey from Public Policy Polling. The post-debate poll revealed that Trump managed to secure 34 percent of the vote. In addition, … Read More

BERNIE WINS: Will Regain Access to Key Data After Brawl with National Democratic Party

Bernie Sanders was suspended from accessing the DNC’s voter registry database on Friday, after his campaign was accused of spying on Hillary Clinton’s data. Sanders denied the claim and considered suing the DNC for their blatant favoritism towards Clinton. The … Read More

‘Merry Christmas’ Photo Helps Carson Top Trump on Facebook

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson understands the importance of social media in the current election cycle, especially given that his opponent Donald Trump continues to dominate it. Carson took to Facebook to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and to take a … Read More