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Daily Archives: January 5, 2016

Trump Calls Sanders ‘Pathetic’

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s personal attacks are becoming more simple in nature as the candidate runs out of insults to hurl at his opponents. Turning to Sen. Bernie Sanders, Trump called him “pathetic.” “I remember when Bernie Sanders, when … Read More

White House Calls Oregon Standoff a ‘Local Law Enforcement Matter’

The White House on Monday called the Oregon standoff an issue for local law enforcement. A group of armed terrorists stormed a government building in Oregon in protest of the federal government and its alleged breach of their rights and … Read More

Bill Clinton: Next President Could Reshape Supreme Court

Bill Clinton called on the next president to work on reshaping the Supreme Court through their ability to appoint up to three justices. “We need to recognize something that has received almost no attention in this election, which is that … Read More

Bill Clinton Avoids Trump Talk

Bill Clinton dodged questions about Donald Trump on Monday at an appearance designed to help him promote Hillary Clinton’s campaign. “The Republicans will have to decide who they are nominating,” the former president said in New Hampshire when asked by … Read More

Trump Ad Shows Footage of Migrants in Morocco, Not at ‘Southern Border’

Donald Trump doesn’t like facts. They are hard to maintain and it’s easier for him to bend the truth to his advantage. Trump recently released his first TV ad. In the ad, a throng of immigrants are seen rushing over … Read More

Clinton: Aliens May Have Visited Us Already

Hillary Clinton suggested that aliens may exist after being asked the strange question by a voter in New Hampshire. In 2014, her husband Bill Clinton discussed aliens and his belief that they existed in some capacity. “I think we may … Read More

Clinton’s New Year’s Resolution: Don’t Respond to Trump

Hillary Clinton told a group of supporters in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on Monday, that she would no longer respond to Donald Trump’s craziness in 2016. “I’ve adopted a New Year’s resolution,” Clinton said when a man asked her what she … Read More

Gowdy: ‘I’m Going to Vote for the Republican Nominee, Period’

Rep. Trey Gowdy made it clear on Monday that he would vote Republican no matter who the nominee is. “I’m going to vote for the Republican nominee, period,” the chairman of the House Select Committee on Benghazi said on “The … Read More

Obama, NRA on Collision Course

The battle of the titans is about to occur. President Barack Obama and the National Rifle Association are on a collision course that will set off sparks all throughout the American political climate. “President Obama failed to pass his anti-gun … Read More

Barack Obama’s Emotional Evolution on Gun Control

President Barack Obama often appears to be a calm, cool, and collected individual during political dealings and media appearances, but this isn’t the case when it comes to the issue of gun control. When discussing gun control, Obama is often … Read More