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Daily Archives: January 9, 2016

Mitt Romney: Ted Cruz ‘Natural Born Citizen’

Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney came to the defense of Ted Cruz on Friday, tweeting that Cruz and President Barack Obama were both natural born citizens and urged his party to move on to a new issue. [email protected] is … Read More

Karl Rove: If Trump Is Nominee, GOP Will Lose White House and Senate

Republican political consultant and commentator Karl Rove doesn’t believe in Donald Trump and said that the Republicans would lose the White House and the Senate if he wins the party’s nomination. “If Mr. Trump is its standard-bearer, the GOP will … Read More

Sanders: Bill Clinton’s Scandals ‘Totally Disgraceful’

Sen. Bernie Sanders made it clear on Friday that he disagreed with Bill Clinton and his sexual scandals, calling them “totally disgraceful,” but promised that he would not use them against Hillary Clinton. “My question to you is, isn’t one … Read More

Obama Vetoes Obamacare Repeal Bill

President Barack Obama swiftly vetoed the repeal to the Affordable Care Act on Friday, safeguarding his controversial health plan and funding for Planned Parenthood. “Rather than re-fighting old political battles by once again voting to repeal basic protections that provide … Read More

Muslim Woman Ejected from Trump Rally

A Muslim woman was ejected from a Donald Trump rally in South Carolina on Friday for being a Muslim. Rose Hamid, a 56,-year-old flight attendant, stood up in silent protest and was promptly kicked out of the event. Peaceful #American … Read More

Trump: Obama Doesn’t Know How to Make Deals

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump criticized President Barack Obama on Friday, suggesting that the president doesn’t know how to make deals. “Washington right now is in total gridlock, we have a president who wants to kill the Second Amendment,” Trump … Read More