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Daily Archives: January 11, 2016

Virginia Pastor: ‘Hang on’ to Your Guns Because ‘Whoremongers’ Want to Kill Your Wife

The religious right in the United States has a way with words. A Virginia pastor accused pro-abortion activists of wanting to kill babies and “chop them up like chopped liver or chickens.” On Sunday’s episode of What Does the Bible Plainly … Read More

Ricky Gervais Rips Sean Penn, Caitlyn Jenner and NBC in Scorching 2016 Golden Globes Monologue

Ricky Gervais offered a candid acceptance speech, ripping into Sean Penn, Caitlyn Jenner, and NBC at the 2016 Global Globes. “Shut up, you disgusting, pill-popping sexual deviant scum,” said Ricky Gervais at the beginning of his monologue for the 2016 … Read More

Doctors Must Send Ultrasound Pics to North Carolina Officials Under ‘Creepy’ New Anti-Abortion Law

A new anti-abortion law in North Carolina will force doctors to send ultrasound images of their patients to state officials. According to anti-abortion activists, the law is in place to ensure that doctors and health clinics are following state laws, … Read More

Trump Supporter Booted from Rally for Demanding ‘New Jokes’: ‘It’s Getting a Little Old’

Donald Trump doesn’t like criticism, after all, he is a perfect human being. Trump recently booted a supporter from a Monday rally in New Hampshire after he called the candidate’s jokes stale. “I love Donald but it’s so boring!” the man … Read More

Sanders Campaign Manager: ‘Clinton Has Been All over the Map on Guns’

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders fired back at Hillary Clinton on Monday after she criticized him for his previous opposition to gun control measures. “People will remember that Secretary Clinton has been all over the map on guns, she’s been … Read More

Giffords to Endorse Clinton

Former Arizona Rep. Gabby Giffords has chosen Hillary Clinton as her candidate of choice in 2016. Giffords came out in support of Clinton due to her strong position on gun control, something Giffords heavily supports after she was shot in … Read More

Hillary: I ‘Desperately’ Want a Phone Like Kim Kardashian’s for Selfies

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton showed her age during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres that is airing on Monday. She told DeGeneres that she “desperately” wants a phone that is similar to the one that Kim Kardashian uses. “I have … Read More

Poll: Bill Clinton More Respectful of Women than Trump

Former President Bill Clinton has been under fire for his past treatment of women, but a new poll has suggested that voters think more highly of him than Donald Trump and his record of abuse. The Hill reports: Half of … Read More

Obama to Shut Guantanamo Before He Leaves Office, Says White House Chief of Staff

President Barack Obama plans to shutdown Guantanamo Bay before his presidency ends in 11 months. “He feels an obligation to his successor to close that, and that’s why we’re going to do it,” McDonough said on “Fox News Sunday.” “Sure … Read More

White Nationalist Group Urges Iowans to Vote Trump

A popular white supremacist super PAC is backing Donald Trump and urging Iowa voters to vote for the billionaire in 2016. Jared Taylor, founder of the white supremacist magazine “American Renaissance,” is urging Americans to pick Trump. “I’m Jared Taylor with … Read More