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Daily Archives: January 12, 2016

Sanders: Law Enforcement Should Handle Campus Rape

Sen. Bernie Sanders called for local law enforcement to handle cases of campus rape, suggesting that they were better able to handle cases of it. “Rape and assault is rape or assault whether it takes place on a campus or … Read More

Quinnipiac Poll: Sanders Surges to Retake Lead in Iowa

While Hillary Clinton topped a national poll, Sen. Bernie Sanders has overtaken her in the latest Quinnipiac University poll for Iowa. According to the results, Sanders won 49 percent of the vote, while Clinton only received 44 percent. The Hill … Read More

Kentucky Babysitter Says ‘Slippery Fingers’ Caused Him to Fatally Shoot Neighbor’s 8-Year-Old Son

A Kentucky babysitter is blaming butterfingers for causing him to accidentally shoot his neighbors 8-year-old son. Elgin Anders Jr. was making food on Saturday night when he became bothered by the handgun in his pocket. He decided to pull it out, … Read More

Teen Chokes up at Town Meeting Asking Bundy to Leave: ‘I Shouldn’t Have to Be Scared in My Own Hometown’

A high school freshman blasted Ammon Bundy and his group of domestic terrorists for creating an aura of fear in her community. Ashlie Presley, 15, delivered a touching speech, calling on the Oregon militants to leave her state and to … Read More

Obama Mocks Trump Ahead of SOTU

President Barack Obama mocked Donald Trump ahead of his State of the Union speech, saying that Trump’s own version of his speech would be perfect material for a Saturday Night Live skit. What does @POTUS think of @RealDonaldTrump candidacy? "Talk … Read More

Sanders: Clinton ‘in Serious Trouble’

Sen. Bernie Sanders said Hillary Clinton’s campaign was “in serious trouble” on Monday. Sanders discussed Clinton’s fierce attacks on guns, taxes, and other popular issues that she has historically avoided, noting that her campaign was desperate to gain momentum. “Secretary … Read More

Clinton Holds 15-Point Lead on Sanders Nationally

As the election cycle heats up, Hillary Clinton has managed to defeat Bernie Sanders in a national poll by 15 points, according to NBC News/Survey Monkey. Clinton managed to net 52 percent of the vote to Sander’s 37 percent. The … Read More

Biden Says Obama Offered Financial Help amid Son’s Illness

Vice President Joe Biden talked about President Barack Obama’s kindness earlier in the week. During his son Beau’s illness, Biden said that Obama offered to pay for the entire treatment when he heard that Biden was worried about his financial … Read More

Poll: Trump Leads Cruz by 18 Points Nationwide

The latest poll by NBC News/Survey Monkey has placed Donald Trump 18 points ahead of Ted Cruz nationally. Trump secured 38 percent of the vote, while Cruz came in second with only 20 percent. The next closest candidate after that … Read More

MoveOn Endorses Bernie Sanders

MoveOn has officially endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders in 2016 over frontrunner Hillary Clinton. Illya Sheyman, MoveOn Political Action’s executive director, praised Sanders and his commitment to his voters. Between Iowa and New Hampshire, the group has 43,000 members and 30,000 … Read More