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Daily Archives: January 13, 2016

White House Pledges ‘Audacious’ Executive Action in 2016

President Barack Obama has hinted at any new executive actions as of yet, but White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough suggested that 2016 would be an “audacious” year. “We’ll do audacious executive action throughout the course of the rest … Read More

Chelsea Clinton: Sanders Wants to Scrap ObamaCare

Desperate to win over voters, Hillary Clinton has called on her husband Bill Clinton and their daughter Chelsea Clinton to try and drum up momentum for her campaign. Following Tuesday’s State of the Union address by President Barack Obama, Chelsea … Read More

Ann Coulter: Deport Nikki Haley

Ann Coulter stood with Donald Trump as she saw South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley publicly criticize Trump in her response to the State of the Union Speech. Angry, Coulter called for Trump to make deporting Haley one of his first tasks … Read More

Trump Fires Back After Being Targeted in GOP’s SOTU Response

Don’t you dare call Donald Trump out, Donald doesn’t do criticism. "If I weren't running, she'd be in my office asking for money." @realDonaldTrump on @nikkihaley's comments about him https://t.co/mWpXXHhZPW — FOX & Friends (@foxandfriends) January 13, 2016 Trump fired back at … Read More

Sanders: Chelsea Clinton’s Healthcare Claims ‘Absolutely Wrong’

Sen. Bernie Sanders called out Chelsea Clinton’s “false” claims that he wants to scrap ObamaCare and institute a private insurance system. “Unfortunately, I have to say, as much as I admire Chelsea, she didn’t read the plan,” the Vermont senator … Read More

Trevor Noah: Bernie Sanders ‘Is the Yin to Donald Trump’s Racist Yang’

Trevor Noah came up with an interesting metaphor for Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump on the most recent episode of The Daily Show. The host called Sanders the yin to Trump’s racist yang. “If you ask me, personally, I think Bernie … Read More

Larry Wilmore Blasts Officials Who Poisoned Flint to Save $100: ‘Who Came up with This Plan, the Joker?’

Larry Wilmore blasted government officials in Michigan on Tuesday for their role in contaminating the water with lead in the city of Flint. Michigan officials, looking to save money, pumped water from the lead-contaminated Flint River, resulting in a massive influx … Read More

Stephen Colbert Mocks Throw Rug-Seeking Oregon Militants: Is This a Revolution or a Bed and Breakfast?

Stephen Colbert tore into the Oregon militants during a recent segment of The Late Show. He criticized the militants, asking if they were starting a revolution or a bed and breakfast. According to Colbert, Ammon Bundy’s mother sent more than 80 items … Read More

Trump Vows Security Will Get Even More ‘Nasty’ as More Rally Attendees Are Manhandled for No Reason

Donald Trump has promised stricter security as the candidate becomes increasingly paranoid of criticism and protesters at his rallies. During a Tuesday rally in Burlington, Vermont, a group of Trump supporters screamed for the candidate to eject a woman who … Read More

Trump Takes 17-Point Lead in National Poll

As the Democratic race heats up, Donald Trump continues to dominate the Republican Party. The latest CBS/New York Times poll placed the candidate well ahead of the other Republican candidates with a healthy 17 percent lead. Trump received 36 percent … Read More