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Daily Archives: January 14, 2016

Sean Bean: Britain Can’t Believe ‘a Buffoon’ Like Trump Could Become President

Actor Sean Bean talked about the ridiculousness of Donald Trump with Larry King on his radio show on Wednesday. “I don’t think the British can believe that so many people actually think this buffoon is a prospective American president,” Bean said, … Read More

Stephen Colbert: Obama Dropped the Mic in His Speech — but Trump Still Somehow Won the Night

Stephen Colbert laughed about the performances of President Barack Obama and Speaker Paul Ryan during Obama’s recent State of the Union address. “Ryan had to appear simultaneously enraged and engaged,” Colbert said. “I give him credit — he delivered a … Read More

Trump: Sailors ‘Went Through Hell’ with Iran

Donald Trump offered his opinion on the recent capture of several U.S. soldiers by Iran, suggesting that they “went through Hell.” “These 10 wonderful soldiers who went through hell, by the way,” he said on “MSNBC Live with Thomas Roberts.” … Read More

Trump: Reagan Revolution Didn’t Have ‘Intensity’ of My Supporters

Former President Ronald Reagan is often seen as Republican Jesus. Donald Trump suggested that he was running a better and more intense campaign than Reagan ever did. “I think that the closest thing I can think of is Reagan, but I … Read More

Trump Hints He’ll Take up Cruz Citizenship Issue in Debate

Donald Trump has reignited the birther movement, accusing Ted Cruz of being illegitimate to run for president. Talking to CNN, Trump suggested that he would strike Cruz hard over his birthplace and make it a focal point of his campaign. … Read More

Record-Low 31.3 Million Watched Obama’s Last State of the Union Address

President Barack Obama’s final State of the Union speech had a record-low turnout when compared to his previous speeches. Obama’s final address saw 31.3 million people tune in and watch the president. In contrast, President Bill Clinton’s 1993 speech achieved … Read More

Chelsea Clinton Goes on the Attack; Democrats Ask Why

Release the hounds! We can all imagine Hillary Clinton screaming this as she unleashes Bill and Chelsea Clinton onto the political battlefield. After Tuesday’s State of the Union speech, Chelsea unloaded on Bernie Sanders, suggesting that he wanted to dismantle … Read More

Sanders Fires Back at Clinton’s ‘Mean-Spirited’ Gun Attack

Bernie Sanders has been forced on the defensive after Hillary Clinton went on the attack, suggesting that Sanders was against gun control. Sanders called Clinton’s attack “mean-spirited” and pointed to his D- rating from the NRA. “Whoa, whoa, whoa,” Sanders … Read More

Poll: Clinton Lead Narrows in Iowa

The reign of Hillary Clinton is coming to an end as Bernie Sanders breaks down the door in Iowa and levels her lead. In the latest poll by Bloomberg/Des Moines Register, Clinton secure 42 percent of the vote to Sanders’ … Read More

Sanders Fundraising Surges After Clinton Attacks

As Hillary Clinton’s campaign went on the attack, Bernie Sander’s smiled as the dollars rolled in. Clinton has been struggling in the polls, prompting her campaign to go on the offensive against Sanders. “Thanks, Team Clinton,” Sanders spokesman Michael Briggs … Read More