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Daily Archives: January 15, 2016

Janelle Monáe: I’m Tired of ‘the Man,’ Time for a Female President

Janelle Monae, popular for singing a song about Yoga, has called for the women of America to vote for Hillary Clinton because of her gender. “I think we’ve already spent hundreds of years of having to deal with, you know, … Read More

Cruz: I Can Convert Dems, Win Blue States

Sen. Ted Cruz is convinced he can do the impossible by winning over Dems and blue states. Cruz, a far right-winger and a member of the Tea Party movement, has looked normal when compared to Donald Trump and his craziness. … Read More

Kirstie Alley: Trump Is ‘Waking This Country Up’

Actress Kirstie Alley praised Donald Trump on Thursday for “waking this country up.” She suggested that Trump’s bombastic style had caused a political awakening and was changing the political landscape of the United States. “Donald Trump, whether you like him … Read More

Paul: Fox News and the GOP Are Trying to Pre-Decide the Election

Sen. Rand Paul tore into Fox News and the GOP for trying to “pre-decide” the election based on their decision to kick him out of last night’s debate. “People have to realize that what the media is doing here is … Read More

Sean Penn Has ‘Terrible Regret’ for El Chapo Interview

In a strange move, actor Sean Penn interviewed Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. The actor has officially broken his silence and is now expressing deep regret over the meeting. “I have a regret that the entire discussion about this article ignores … Read More

Allen West: Sailors Should Have Fought Iran

Allen West is upset with the cowardice of 10 American sailors who were recently captured by Iran. He criticized them for not fighting back when severely outnumbered. “The result of two U.S. Navy vessels being boarded and seized by an … Read More

Trump Rents Iowa Theater to Show Benghazi Movie

Donald Trump decided to hit Hillary Clinton where it hurts most, over the issue of Benghazi. Trump rented an entire movie theater in order to show the new Benghazi film. “Mr. Trump would like all Americans to know the truth … Read More

Planned Parenthood Sues Group Behind Video Smear Campaign

Planned Parenthood Federation of America filed a federal lawsuit against the individuals responsible for creating the infamous video that was used to smear the health agency. “The people behind this fraud lied and broke the law in order to spread … Read More

‘Deal from Strength or Get Crushed,’ Kids Sing in Bizarre Trump Anthem

Need a quick laugh this afternoon? Check out Donald Trump’s abysmal rally song. The girl’s performed well, but the material was awful. USA Today reports: “President Donald Trump knows how to make America great. Deal from strength or get crushed … Read More

Cruz Hits Obama for State of the Union Silence on Iran

Last night’s GOP debate saw the candidates unpack their values and look for anything to blast President Barack Obama for. Sen. Ted Cruz decided to focus on the recent State of the Union speech, blasting Obama for ignoring the capture … Read More